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TSX Toys - Massive Dildos - Animal & Bizarre Anal Dildos

Welcome to TSX Toys, manufacturers of unique, stylistic adult novelties quality made in the USA, is owned & operated by a woman with over 20 years in the adult products industry (including 11 years designing & manufacturing sex toys).

Safety Concerns:

TSX’s materials have been toxicity tested and passed using the same test used in Europe to test children’s toys. As of June 1, 2007, our PVC formula is completely phthalate-free. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor. Nevertheless, consumers with allergies to PVC or Urethane based materials should not use these items.

Commitment To Quality:

In the adult toy industry there are no statutory quality controls. All of our toys are sold as novelties and for educational purposes. At TSX Toys, Inc. we have voluntarily undertaken European toxicity tests for our Fauxskin™ and Jelly PVC material, which has passed for low lead and cadmium content. We have a vast range of color and component choices. Our PVC toys have a bright, jelly or opaque finish and our Fauxskin™ a velvety, powder colour finish.

Cleaning of Products for Consumers:

Regular PVC requires a light wash with liquid soap and water. Dry the item thoroughly after use & before use if the product has been sitting for more than a week.

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