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I have just shopped at Black Rabbit for the first time and the experience was fantastic. Alex was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable I was put completely at ease. He showed me a range of the same item so I could choose the one that was just right for me. He took the time to show me how to use, wear and adjust items so they fitted correctly. Can't recommend the range, the quality and the service enough.

19 Sep 2016 5:56:12 PM

Hi Alex, just wanted to say thankyou for your time today, it was great to stop in while we were in QLD from Sydney and be able to browse through the shop and talk to someone who understands the products and happy to walk us through the available options. Friendly atmosphere without pushy sales tactics. The pricing was more than reasonable and walked away very happy customers. If we are back up again we would love to call in again. Regards David and Jenny

7 Aug 2016 3:11:23 AM

Visited Alex again today, he was fantastic. Very helpful with all of my questions. I love that black Rabbit know their products, they always stock the best. Alex always makes you feel comfortable. Thanks for a great shopping experience. Can't wait to try the new toys out and start my wish list..

29 Jul 2016 4:03:53 PM

Visited Alex for first time the other day, from the moment you enter you have his attention, the knowledge and commitment that he gave was way over and above what i expected. Thank-you Alex for your time, cant wait for my order to arrive. Ill defiantly be back for more

24 Jul 2016 9:40:32 AM

I recently visited Black Rabbit store to my greatest satisfaction. I was absolutely amazed by the range and quality of toys on display. There is something for everyone, every taste, every activity from stainless steel implements, medical toys, huge range of realistic and enormous cocks, etc. If I had followed my instinct, I would still be there! I am trying to introduce my lovely wife to some of this action and definitely this where I will come with her. I purchased a set of 18 mm nipple twist suckers SDN026 which I will review now.I took me a while to “master” them but I think I have got it to a fine art now. I am “nipple man” and get extreme pleasure from playing with them or having them plaid with by my wife. These nipple suckers are great, simple and very effective. I use them several times a day for up to 10 mn at a time and have been able to keep my nipples erected, very hard and incredibly sensitive. There is a little bit of pain when you twist suck the niiple, just enough to make it enjoyable. Best is to work on both nipples together for best results and sensation. If you have hairy nipples, I recommend you pluck your hairs with tweezers before starting. Dont use cock lubricant as it tends to decrease sensation. I found best result is obtained with lots of saliva as It provide good sealing with no loss of sensation I am still experimenting with lubricants anyway. I also got superb sensation using these twist suckers while in swimming pool. Suction is enormous when cups are filled with water but you need go easy as it can become painful. My next purchase from Black Rabbit will be larger diameter twist suckers 30 and 50 mm which I will use in conjunction with 18 mm one.

12 Jul 2016 9:32:18 PM

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