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Hello everyone. Just a short note to say that Black Rabbit is the only BDSM shop we bother to go to for our toys. Over many years we have been impressed by the superb service and advice we have received from both Poney and alex. Poney's wealth of experience as a Domme flows to her customers in her accurate and friendly advice on all of the gear she sells. She does not hesitate to "tell it like it is", as does alex. This ensures that all customers get what they really need. We are still using all of the equipment we have bought from the shop. We are keen to see the new shop in all its glory. Keep u the good work. Cheers, mark Black (for Miss D)

Mark Black
27 Mar 2017 10:29:55 PM

I've known Pony and Alex for some years now, Firstly through the shop where, when exploring things to expand my toy collection with i found some of the most honest and accurate information from business owners I've ever received. For example Only last time I was in the shop Pony had spent over an hour with me picking out custom Bare Leatherworks Floggers to get the exact styles i wanted. Nothing was an inconvenience and every effort was made to cover every base so i didn't get just another flogger, i got a custom, quality and unique piece of equipment that if looked after will last a life time. Not once did i ever feel that i was sold too or that i could have got better information or products elsewhere. Over time Pony and Alex have become good friends and amazing, reliable sources of information, the vast majority of my kinky toy collection consists of stuff from Black Rabbit and I will always try and source things from Black Rabbit before I look anywhere else. When people are talking about Adult shops in Australia and i mention Black Rabbit and they reply with "what's Black Rabbit" my response is something along the lines of the Best Adult / BDSM shop in the country and once you've been there it will make pretty much any other Adult shop look like a $2 shop. I'm biased due to the friendship starting out as a customer several years ago with business owners that are now friends and I strongly believe that anyone that walks into Black Rabbit and speaks to Pony and or Alex as a customer could well be in the same position as me, with a whole bag full of fun, top quality toys and amazing new, knowable and generous friends. When you shop at Black Rabbit you're not shopping at a sex shop, you're shopping at an apex outlet with the best products for people from all backgrounds with a whole range of kinks and you'll be looked after by the best of the best in Pony and Alex.

21 Feb 2017 10:19:17 PM

Awesome customer service!!! I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and Poney really went out of her way to make that idea a reality. My idea required multiple custom orders of floggers from Bare Leatherworks and thanks to their special relationship with their suppliers they were able to get them made. Gave some great recommendations on the practicalities of sizing based on my specific build and how I like to play. Saved me buying things I would end up only rarely using. Also gave very useful advice on tips and tricks on how to maximise the use of my purchases. Not pushy and not ignorant about their products. I found their many years of experience of the various products they sell (or more importantly don't sell) extremely helpful in making my selections. If you appreciate quality products you will appreciate Black Rabbit.

9 Feb 2017 9:07:45 AM

The very first time I came to Black Rabbit (back at the house) I've felt very comfortable receiving advice from Poney. I'm a very shy person in nature and she has gone out of her way to help me choose what toys I should purchase. I've been back many times and she always goes out of her way to say hi and to have a chat. A huge thank you to Poney for welcoming me and making sure there's a relaxed, comfortable and professional environment. Kiri Xo Ps I'm still enjoying my icicle collection ;) will have to pop in and add some more very soon.

Little Miss
8 Feb 2017 8:11:06 PM

Alex has an amazing array of products from almost every kink you could desire and knows every product in detail and will advise what suits you best from beginner to extreme. He had our total attention in our appointment and advised on the best products regardless of price based on our needs and wants. Never have we experienced service and knowledge like Alex and the products on display before.....definitely will be returning

11 Oct 2016 5:03:11 PM

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