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All product prices are displayed in AUD (Australian dollars) and exclude delivery charges.

Product Accuracy

We pride ourselves on what we sell, and whilst we try to ensure that all prices and product details on our site are accurate, errors can occur from time to time. Sometimes manufacturers make alterations to products or cease manufacturing a particular product and do not inform us until we reorder. If we discover an error in the price of a product and/or a product's material composition you have ordered, we will inform you of such as soon as possible, and give you the option to: a) reconfirm your order given the knowledge of the correct information and/or correct price; b) replace the item with another item; or c) cancel your order and receive a full no fuss refund. We do our utmost to keep product details accurate at all times.

Contractual Agreement

Our agreement is the entire process of accepting and processing your order and the transfer of title of goods from Black Rabbit Premium Leather to you. Title to any products you order on this website shall pass to you once the order leaves our store. After you have placed an order, you will receive a receipt confirming your purchase from Black Rabbit Premium Leather. This receipt is also displayed on the screen immediately after purchase as a visual clue that we have accepted your order. Please keep the email receipt for your records, particularly the purchase order number, as some customer names are identical. Acceptance of your order marks the commencement date of your contractual agreement with Black Rabbit Premium Leather to exchange payment for our products. The completion of the contract between you and Black Rabbit Premium Leather will take place upon dispatch to you of the products ordered, unless it was previously agreed that the order was cancelled or collected in person.


Black Rabbit Premium Leather can not cancel orders that fall outside the existing contractual agreement (see above).

If an order is cancelled after shipping, the cost of return shipping is paid for by the customer and the parcel must be received by us in the same condition it was sent.

Customers wishing to cancel their order need to email us a valid reason why they wish to cancel, within 24 hours after purchase. Cancelling your order, after we have collected and packed the goods, incurs a $20.00 cancellation fee to cover the costs of re-routing purchased goods. If in the case the order was sent and attracted free delivery, the cost of delivery is subtracted from the refund amount, upon returning the goods to Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

Alterations and Amendments

Customers can amend their order, providing it has not left our store. Customers must accept that additions to the order can significantly hold up the existing order, unless the additional items are in stock. Should you need to make alterations or deletions to an order, submit your request by email including as much detail as possible together with your existing purchase number. So long as your order has not left our store, we are happy to add to it. For deletions see above (Cancellations). Please forward your cancellation request to info@blackrabbit.com.au.

Other components of our Terms & Conditions include:


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