Size Chart

We currently manage over 180 different brands from approximately 10 different countries, which all have differing measurement systems for small, medium and large. Therefore, rather than providing one massive page of measurements, we list available measurements against each individual product.

Our aim is to provide our customers with both or either metric (e.g., cm) and imperial (e.g., inch) measurements for most things we stock.

Collars and Cuffs

With all collars, cuffs and some restraints with notches, we provide three measurements: smallest, largest and best fit.  Best fit is when it sits lovely in the middle with no great overhang, the end catches in the keeper as it should (unless their is no keeper).  However, either side of best fit is also fine for most.  If you wish for us to check a collar against your neck size, just contact us.

Everybody is different in regards to how much room they like to have between their neck/cuffs and the collar/wrists or ankles.  Some like them loose and some like them tight.  Our measurements are taken so that the collar is firm but can be rotated around the neck.  Therefore, if you like a loose collar, you’ll need to allow for this.  Cutting a 2cm wide single sheet of newspaper and putting it around your neck or wrists, then measuring it flat with a ruler is advised.  If you have a dressmakers tape that’s even better.

Measuring Round Items

We've had a few customers ask us in emails what size ballstretcher or cockring they should buy. Without measuring you we can't really advise you. So best thing to do is measure yourself using a circumference calculator and a ruler.

If we have items online and we have only supplied the diameter, you can work out the circumference quite easily by watching the first 35 seconds of the following youtube clip. You can find the circumference of a circle, just by multiplying the diameter by pi (which is basically 3.1416).

For example, if I state we have a cockring with an inner diameter of 40mm, multiply 40 x 3.1416, which makes the circumference for the 40mm diameter cockring, 125.7mm.

Keep in mind that within the engineering world up to .4mm is considered within the acceptable range. Meaning a 50mm cockring can have a 50.4mm inner diameter and we accept this. Although I do favour companies who are the most accurate.

If the measurement information is missing please email Satet, and she will prioritise adding this information for you.

As with all our customers questions, please treat our online shop as you would if you walked into our bricks and mortar dungeon store. Just ask and we’ll respond quickly.  Our online chat is great for this purpose.