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Huge Dildos

Huge Dildo Bizarre Buttplug Rack - Black Rabbit


What Makes Black Rabbit the #1 Shop for Huge Dildos?


European Quality

Black Rabbit doesn’t stock run-of-the-mill dildo brands found in most adult stores. Our black rack is famous and full of dildos that meet European standard EN71.


We don't sell rock hard dildos, nor do we sell jelly dongs. The texture we promote is soft and great for stretching tight muscles. We have many options, all differing textures. Anal or vaginal stretching shouldn’t be painful and you will enjoy it more with both the right toy and the right lube.


We care about your hole because we care about our customers. We do not sell chemical-laden dongs or buttplugs. If you wouldn’t stick it in your mouth, why would you stick it anywhere else? If it stinks, it may contain phthalates that are not body-safe. Pays to google phthalates or read our blog.


We know accuracy is an important part of buying the right toy. Staff will go above and beyond to help you make the right choice. We have vernier callipers and measuring tapes in-store to help you choose the right toy or get one flown in for you.

Big Toy Brands We Carry

We stand 100% behind all the brands we carry. Our favourites are Oxballs, Crackstuffers, Dark Crystal, All Black, Animals, WAD, Hardtoys, Fucktools and Hung System. Poney may do the buying, but she always listens to customers wishes. If there is a dildo you want that we do not sell, let us know and we may get it in for you.

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  • All Black Gerhard Dildo AB22

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: MBA174
  • All Black Joerg Dildo AB23

    SKU: MBA163
  • All Black Otto Fist Dildo AB13

    SKU: MBA252
  • All Black Raymond Buttplug 12cm AB76

    SKU: DEV0017
  • All Black Wolfgang Fist Dildo AB21

    SKU: MBA290
  • Animals Appaloosa Dildo AN21

    SKU: MBA400
  • Animals Bad Wolf Dildo AN24

    SKU: MBA403
  • Animals Big Dog Dildo AN23

    SKU: MBA402
  • Animals Fox Dildo AN25

    SKU: MBA404
  • Animals Frison Horse AN15

    2 Review(s)
    SKU: MBA230
  • Animals German Dog Dildo AN16

    SKU: MBA257
  • Animals Great Dane Dildo AN22

    SKU: MBA401
  • Animals Horse Double Header Dildo Large AN20

    SKU: MBA283
  • Animals Hulok Dildo AN27

    SKU: MBA406
  • Animals Irish Cob Horse Dildo AN05

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: MBA094
  • Animals Laox Dildo AN28

    SKU: MBA407
  • Animals Mastiff Dog Dildo AN26

    SKU: MBA405
  • Animals Toro Bravo Dildo AN18

    SKU: MBA249
  • Animals Wild Donkey Dildo AN13

    SKU: MBA095
  • Animals Work Horse Dildo AN17

    SKU: MBA259
  • Crackstuffers Ass Spreader

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: MBA228
  • Crackstuffers Bulb

    SKU: MBA054
  • Crackstuffers Curved Depth Trainer

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: MBA096
  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 30 mm

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: MBA415

Items 1 to 24 of 117 total

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