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Rocks-Off Phthalate Free Toys

Rocks Off launched into the worldwide adult market with the introduction of the award winning Rock-Chick. Since its launch the Company has gained the enviable reputation as the UK’s leading adult toy manufacturer. The unique design, strong branding and material selections has undoubtedly been the key to the success of Rocks Off.

Rocks Off has set the standard for sex toys that are functional, safe to use and above all phthalate free. When you buy a Rocks Off product you have the assurance that it has been designed with both pleasure and safety as priorities.

Our Product Materials


Rocks Off were the first Platinum cured silicone rubber to the adult market. This grade of silicone is used for long term body implants such as joint replacements and its 100% hypoallergenic. Our Silicone is 100% Phthalate Free.


Rocks Off have developed their own medical grade material called IntraMed. Intramed offers similar benefits as our silicone but is fully reprocess-able and recyclable making it an environmentally friendly alternative and ideal for Certain types of toy. All our products are tested to the highest standard and are CE and ROHS certified.

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  • Coco Opulent Rose Gold Pleasures 10 Function

    SKU: LA0149
  • Dr Roccos Sex Toy Cleaner

    SKU: CS550
  • RO-120mm Bullet Rose Gold

    SKU: LA0162
  • RO-90 Summer of Love Groovy Baby

    SKU: CS515
  • Rocks-Off 7 Speed Pearls

    SKU: LA0079
  • Rocks-Off 7-Function RO-80 Bullet

    SKU: LA0059
  • Rocks-Off Assberries 7 Speed Raspberry

    SKU: LA0090
  • Rocks-Off Bad Boy 7-Function

    SKU: LA0031
  • Rocks-Off Bad-Boy Intense 10 Speed Rechargeable

    SKU: LA0075
  • Rocks-Off Butt Boy Slim Rechargeable Intense

    SKU: LA0097
  • Rocks-Off Butt Throb 7-Function

    2 Review(s)
    SKU: LA0058
  • Rocks-Off Men-X Vortex 10 Speed Prostate Massager

    SKU: CS644
  • Rocks-Off Naughty Boy 7 Speed

    SKU: LA0037
  • Rocks-Off Naughty Boy Rechargeable Intense

    SKU: LA0087
  • Rocks-Off O-Boy

    SKU: LA0080
  • Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Bubble 7-Speed

    SKU: LA0083
  • Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Plug 7-Speed

    SKU: LA0082
  • Rocks-Off RO-90 Touch of Velvet

    SKU: LA0241
  • Rocks-Off RO-Zen 7-Speed Vibrating Anal Plug

    SKU: CS461
  • Rocks-Off RO80mm Bullet Gun Metal

    SKU: LA0095
  • Rocks-Off Teazer Petite Sensations

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: LA0096
  • Rocks-Off Unihorn Stardust

    SKU: LA0098

22 Item(s)

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