Returns Policy

Our returns policy is limited to faulty products only. Choosing the incorrect size or colour is not covered, so please choose carefully. Our professional team are at your disposal to assist that you make the correct choices, so we suggest you make good use of all of us.

With a faulty item, we replace it.

Poney understands customer disappointment when something doesn't work as it should, so she will go out of her way to sort out your problem as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that we have multiple suppliers and they are all over the world, and there may be a wait time, before your new replacement comes in, if it is not in stock.

Please DO NOT send text messages about returns to mobile phones. All information about faulty goods needs to be sent in an email. Address your email to Attention Poney. Poney looks after the entire faults process personally.

So that correspondence regarding the issue can be easily relayed to the manufacturer, we issue a 6 digit claim number that keeps track of your faulty claim.

Faulty items have a lot of grey area, therefore step one is to send the email and pictures if the fault is obvious

Poney checks all incoming goods from suppliers, and our team check items as we pack shelves. Therefore, we never send out items that have a fault one could notice. Please remember it is the customers responsibility to ask for insurance once the goods leave our store. Postage insurance can be added to your order. If you wish to add postage insurance just email Skout. Postage insurance is as per the Australia Post guidelines.

Items that are not faulty, that come into contact with genitals or other body cavity are non-returnable, so please choose carefully. Our returns policy is limited to faulty products only.

If a product has not met its warranty conditions, initial contact over faulty items must be sent to Poney's email, so a claim can be processed. Please provide Poney with photographs if you think that best describes the issue, along with an explanation of the problem. Poney will register your claim as quickly as possible, so long as she has the sufficient information. We need your order number, date of purchase, your name and ensure we have a contact phone number or email address to let you know the outcome. Poney, along with Black Rabbit's supply team, do our best to keep our customers happy. We all pride ourselves on the gear we stock in store.

When a toy is within its warranty period, and you have cleaned the toy prior to bringing it in, and you have your receipt, Poney can replace the toy on the spot, should we have the correct toy in stock.

Once you have made contact, we may require you to mail the damaged/faulty item to us within 7 working days.  This does not mean you can contact us within 7 days and return the item 5 months later. Items covered by warranty must be received by us within the warranty period for a claim to be valid.

Warranty periods expire, so please contact Poney the moment you notice an issue. Once a toy's warranty period expires, there is nothing we can do to get you a new toy from the manufacturer. If you leave it too long, some toys aren't even available anymore.

Please do not bring used dirty toys into the store for replacement. In order for us to get replacements, we need to take several photos of your toy. Meaning we have to handle it, so it's appreciated if it's clean. Best practice is the customer cleans the toy, and takes 1-3 clear photos showing the problem, and send to Poney's email If you can not do that, then the toy will need to be sent back to our PO Box address on the bottom right of our website. If you are local, just clean the toy and bring it in.

Lifetime Warranty Toys

E-Stim Systems provide a lifetime warranty. If you are wanting to ensure cover for your investment please ensure you obtain a) a receipt or b) have your item registered on our new system. An EFTPOS slip is not sufficient. You require a proper shop receipt for all E-Stim Systems boxes and electrodes. We can print your order out in store for you. If you purchased your E-Stim Systems gear prior to February 16, please contact Poney to have your gear moved from the old system to the new system for safe keeping and warranty purposes. If you are not a registered customer, please take a photo of your thermal shop receipt listing what you purchased, before it fades. If I do not have a record of your purchase, we will have to refer you to E-Stim Systems in the UK.

If you have goods that are covered under a lifetime warranty, and you do not have a receipt, please contact Poney to locate you on our old system.

Non-returnable products

1.      The following items cannot be exchanged / returned:

2.      Items where the brand mark label or seal (on a plastic wire) is removed

3.      Damaged items or removed from their original packaging

4.      Items worn / used

5.      Sale items (items that were in our flops box or on sale)

6.      Underwear articles

7.      Used Goods without a warranty period will not be accepted under any circumstances.

8.      Items broken in transit, once they leave our store (Insurance is the customers responsibility).

Important Note

Please also note that silicone is a far more superior product material than thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

TPR has a wide range of benefits, in particularly cheaper cost, but it has a short life expectancy, depending upon how much it is stretched and used, and what lubricants it comes into contact with. If you are wanting toys that last a lifetime, invest in stainless steel, leather or 100% pure silicone (not silicone/TPR mixes).

Please know that injection moulding marks are a normal phenomena on thermoplastic rubber toys.

Please also read through our terms and conditions, as information in regards to restocking fees are applicable with returns.