Purchase Guide

Customer Service

First and foremost we love this statement: Fanatic Customer Support. We try to achieve that with every single customer. We offer an online chat service and we offer in-store assisted shopping. We don't just greet you, we stay with you offering advice on our products as you shop. Although you can let us know that you're fine to cruise around by yourself and call out to us when you need help. Both Alex and Poney love sharing stories, product information and chatting to our customers.

If you are new to BDSM, please don't think of our store as scary. Both Alex and Poney are super friendly, and enjoy helping new people of all ages; from 18 to 80+ years. We've helped hundreds of people take their first step with buying their first kinky toy or sex toy. We also love sharing advice on local BDSM events and clubs, where customers can meet others into bondage and discipline. We also have information on local BDSM classes and workshops, and those who can teach you specific bondage skills. Most importantly, we explain the quality of the toys we sell. I think the best way to feel at ease about coming in, is read our customers testimonials. We are great at making people feel comfortable.

Australian Currency

All product prices listed are in Australian dollars (AUD) which includes 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). International customers should refer to our International Customers page for more information about Australian GST, as they don't actually pay it; it's removed at checkout.

Register With Our Store

Creating an account with our store and logging in before you shop, registers you for loyalty points, and correctly calculates shipping before checkout. It also keeps a list of what you've purchased, allows you to write product reviews on the items you have purchased, which earns you more loyalty points, and gives you the power to assign keyword tags to products so you don't find it difficult searching for them the next time you shop (there are often several names for a particular item).