Happening @Black Rabbit

Sterile Medical Products

Tonnes of new medical gear arrived today!


Latex Rubber Clothing

To protect all our awesome latex rubber clothing and accessories, note that it's all in a cool dark room in aircon upstairs. Please note we do not sell latex catsuits.



New F-Machine options will get updated soon. We can get these now, but they have all been upgraded to new options accept the gigolo. The gigolo has another version as well which some customers may prefer. I suggest you give Poney a call on 0450 515 956 if you want to pick up a machine. We get these sent through weekly now.


Holy Trainer V2

Holy Trainer is available by calling Poney. You will need to know your preferred colour, cage size and also ring size before ordering. As the range is so extensive, we just get in which ones customers want. We are now doing orders monthly and only selling the latest versions.


Mister B Shop in Shop

Black Rabbit Premium Leather is an official Mister B Shop in Shop. Celebrating this amazing news is something we are saving for the new store. Until then, business as usual and Poney is increasing Mister B stock dramatically over the following months.

Mister B's Wings magazine and 2019 calendars are in-store and great for viewing how Mister B clothing can be mixed and matched. If you love your gay leather gear, take a peak as they contain some very hot pics!


In-Store Customer Option - Using Mobile Number Instead of Name

Customers who only buy in store now have the option to add their mobile to their account (if they have an account that collects loyalty points), to add their mobile to their account, to protect their privacy at checkout counter. This is also great for customers with common names, so you don't have to tell us your email address as well.


Our Review System

Hopefully, all our customers are aware that if you have an account you accrue loyalty points with Black Rabbit Premium Leather. You need to be logged into the site before ordering to make use of this fabulous tool including wishlist ability. Whilst customers earn points for what they buy, many customers are unaware that they can earn up to 1000 points per product review. Whilst our basic sign up points may equal 200 points, product reviews can earn up to 1000 points. You won't be able to review anything that you didn't buy from us.

We do not care what name you call yourself in your review. What is important, is that your review is honest. Check out our Loyalty Points page and Product Review page for full information. Please note that review points are only allocated for products with a paid value of $30.00 or more. You can review any item under the value of $30.00, but it does not attract review points, nor bonus points, as in many situations it makes the product free.

The email address you use in your review is only ever seen by Poney in the backend, so she can allocate your bonus loyalty points to your account. The more you write the more points you get. So please support a great Australian company, by helping our community understand the suitability of toys in comparison to others. Whether you want to share your fisting lube recipes or the quality of a toy.


Our New Gift Certificates

Some customers have already seen these, but for those who have not seen them, check out our facebook page. Or if in-store there are some in our glass display.


Black Rabbit Metal

Our metal range is now available online only, and will be in-store shortly. We now have approximately 20 styles of ballstretchers with some having 20 size options. Therefore, in order for customers to see what is possible, we need to turn on our stock system so customers can at least view what is available to purchase. As we do so many custom versions, and it's hand crafted, we wont be stocking every single size in every style but we will work towards having what we believe will be the most popular.



Our 8mm MFP bondage rope has arrived. It's gorgeous and available in black, red, delicious purple and classy navy. Hemp and nylon will be available soon. Poney is currently styling more MFP colours including silver and gold and maybe a nice orange.