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Pepee Original is the most popular and versatile of the Pepee lubricant selection. Pepee Original can boast a record of over 50 years of excellence, ensuring that the formula has been perfected. It consists of a medium high viscosity of colourless, tasteless, odourless lotion that is thicker than any other water-based lubrication available within Australia.

The 360ml bottle provides excellent value for money, and simply re-wetting the gel will give it a longer playing life. Why not try an authentic nuru massage and coat your whole body in this slippery gel of goodliness? You can even dilute it with warm water to your own taste. Like all Pepee brands, Pepee Original has a one-touch cap that can be easily opened with one hand, letting the other work away unobstructed. This product is also available in pocket size packaging.

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