Credit/Debit Card In-store

Black Rabbit Premium Leather offer EFTPOS instore as well as traditional forms of payment, gift certificates and lay-by. We do not offer Zip Pay nor Afterpay at this point in time. In-store EFTPOS payments show up as Black Rabbit P. on your credit card or debit statement, so it's enough info to let you know it's us, yet a little ambiguous for others.



Lay-by needs to be set up by Poney, yet can then be managed over the phone. So If you come in and try something on and wish to lay-by it, you do not need to keep coming back to make payments.


Credit/Debit Card Online

Our online payment portal is direct with Bendigo Bank. We are the first adult store in the country to have such high security directly with a bank and proud of the good standing we have with our bank. So it is one of the most secure systems available in the World today. It keeps everything simple. As Bendigo Bank is Australia's 5th largest online payment processor, we have fast OSKO payments, we can add items to your order, do quick refunds and other benefits of a direct system.


Transaction Failed?

We chose to go with a bank as our payment portal to safeguard ourselves and our customers and adhere to the highest level of protection. Bendigo will often deny card use if the name of the person buying on the order on our system, is different from the name of the cardholder. Bendigo treats this as suspicious activity. If I know you and you have bought from us before at that address, I'm happy for customers to just call the card through and I can put it through our EFTPOS terminal. It's not common, however, I respect the many reasons our customers have different names. Just call Poney on 0450 515 956.


Credit/Debit Card Over Phone

Black Rabbit Premium Leather has done everything possible to provide a secure banking system. However, we accept some people wish to order over the phone for various reasons. In line with current day strict bank protocol, unless we know you and your voice well, we will not charge a card number without receiving a text message from you displaying the front and back of the card you are charging, along with a picture of your driver's license.

That is what is required by our bank for security. accept any over the phone card payments that can go through our in-store EFTPOS, unless you send to us a picture of your card and drivers license. This is the only way we can protect ourselves and our customers from fraud. So just to cap, if we know you by name and voice, then no problem, as we know nobody has stolen your card.


Bank Transfer

As mentioned above, we have fast payment banking. Not all banks have OSKO fast payments, but our bank does. Most payments come through within a minute. If your bank does not have fast bank transfers it can take up to 5 days.

Black Rabbit Premium Leather
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633-000
Account Number 151721214

Please ensure you forward your bank transfer at the same time you order and just include the last 5 digits of your order number. It's easy for us to track at our end.


Contact for online payment

Poney takes care of all aspects of her business, in-store and online. You can reach Poney on her mobile 0450 515 956. Poney doesn't take calls whilst driving, doesn't take calls whilst busy at checkout nor when in the middle of looking for stock for customers or explaining things to customers in-store. The best thing to do is text or email.  I need things in writing as I speak to hundreds of people about 1000's of questions.


Money Orders and Cheques

Orders paid by card set the processing wheels in motion for your order straight away, money orders and cheques do not. We do not know whether your money will turn up and orders paid in this way will be considered only once payment has been received and/or cleared. If we do not receive money orders or cheques within 5 business days, we will cancel your order. Also know that you loose time from me having to go to the post office to clear the mail, then having to bank the cheque. I do not clear mail and go to the bank daily. So orders paid with a cheque, you need to ring Poney and explain, so she can put the item aside for you. Otherwise, the chance it won't be available by the time your cheque clears is highly likely.