Important Payment Notification

All bank transfer and credit card payments for orders need to be made within 3 business days of placing an order. We are super flexible so long as we know about your issue. We do lay-by, we hold things for regulars, but what we can not do, is have 1000's of orders sitting in the system that are not paid for, and not know why or whether you even want the gear or not.

Our stock system thinks, if it's not paid for, it's not an order we need to worry about. We apply the 3 and 5 business day rule personally by staff. To get an extension on payment, just phone us.

Money orders and cheques are put aside for 5 business days. If you know your money order or cheque isn't being sent for 2 weeks, please let us know. If you are a regular, we'll put your order aside for 3 weeks. If we don't know you, and you have not contacted us to put something aside for you, we hold your items for 5 days only and then they go straight back onto the store floor.

Preferred Payments:

Our preferred payment system is NON-PayPal credit card, bank transfer or payments over the phone directly into our Bendigo Bank account directly through our secure Bendigo Bank EFTPOS terminal. This just keeps all our funds in a single easy to manage account. Plus it's an Australian bank that we love as they are a great supportive bank.

Bank transfer details are below, or for payments over the phone just call the store on (07) 4977 5877, or Skout's mobile 0452 218 438 or call the owner Poney anytime on 0450 515 956. Sometimes Poney or Skout may be on a phone call but if you leave a message you just want to pay for an order we can ring you straight back. If you wish for us to message you first, just let us know. We have a new phone system that takes multiple calls between 1pm to 6pm. After 6pm is a great time to catch Poney, as the store is closed (accept for Thursday night shopping till 8pm).

We are on the phone a lot as we offer so much assistance to all our customers and those who can't use iphones, ipads or internet out on farms, and our older folk. We pride ourselves on helping them with technology so bare with us on this one please.

If you are unsure what you are buying due to size range, sometimes it's best to call the store and get the advice. We can assist you putting your order together. We are very hands on with all our customers and we pride ourselves on ensuring you get something you'll love.


Bank Transfer Details:

Black Rabbit Premium Leather
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633-000
Account Number 151721214

Please ensure you forward your bank transfer at the same time you order and just include the last 4 digits of your order number. It's easy for us to track at our end.

Bank transfers have 2 days to come through. We will then contact you after this period to avoid stock issues in store. If we haven't received payment within 5 days we will cancel your order, as these items could have been sold to other customers. Please don't do this to us as we are a small hardworking business, and these issues impact us.

Please note that paid orders are prioritised over non paid orders, unless an agreement is in place with Poney, by calling 0450 515 956. We understand that some customers can only order things on certain days, or specific times due to a wide range of reasons. We just need  to adjust stock levels to accommodate for this.

Existing customers, already have our trust and therefore can place pre orders directly with Poney at any time.


In-Store Payments

In-store payments can be made using cash and EFTPOS.  EFTPOS payments show up as BLACK RABBIT PRE,SEVENTEEN MIL on your credit card or debit statement, so it's enough info to let you know it's us. However, considering there are several Black Rabbit companys in Australia and Brisbane, it's a little ambiguous.



Not a huge fan of PayPal but the option to pay via PayPal is at checkout for those who have PayPal accounts. We have found that many customers move address and don't update their PayPal account address or emails. Please note that the street address etc plus email on your order is where we send notes and tracking to, not your PayPal email.

Customers who wish to swap out items due to last minute decisions, who have paid via PayPal have to wait 30 days for funds to get back to them from PayPal. Customers who pay via bank transfer, credit card or over phone, wait one day. Hence it's easier for us to manage this via over the phone credit cards. We love staying connected due to some customers not knowing we have other gear in store that isn't online.

PayPal is just an option at checkout. Please use the last 5 digits of your order number as the reference. Purchases made via paypal show up as BLACK RABBIT on your paypal statement.


Other Payment Methods

We also take bank cheques, personal cheques and money orders by mail. Goods are not sent until personal cheques are cleared by our bank. Payments over the phone are also simple for us. Cutomers wanting to remain completely annonymous can contact Poney. We can do your orders off system alltogether if wished.


After Pay

Poney loves After Pay, and we are trying to set this up along with Zip Pay as soon as possible. Currently the adult industry is on trial with After Pay and as soon as that passes all adult shops will be offered this option. Googling banking discrimination against



We understand you may not have the funds at the time you have the time to shop. Just call us and put down one third of the total value and we will do you a lay-by. You need to call the store to arrange this, or drop into the store if local.


Return Payments

Paypal refunds are at PayPals disgression and can take up to 30 days to process and this is out of our hands. We do not provide refunds by bank transfer, unless the payment was initially made to us by bank transfer. We do not refund paypal payments until the original payment has cleared. Payments made by bank transfer, or payments over the phone are refunded immediately.