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Opening Hours

Store Opening Hours

Monday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed.
Tuesday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed.
Wednesday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed.
Thursday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed
Friday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed.
Saturday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed.
Sunday: Closed, Private Appointments welcomed.

Please be patient if you have only just placed an order, orders are going out between 2-10 days. Email or text 0450 515 956 to grab an appointment with Poney. Let her know if you care whether other kinkers are around or you prefer 1 on 1.




This is taking forever and Poney has been super busy with website development work, whilst offering personal one on one appointments.



Special Scenarios - COVID-19

As COVID-19 is on the second wave in Victoria and New South Wales, it is essential Queenslander's treat COVID as a possible looming threat. In the spirit of being a community who thrives on risk awareness, please let us all do our part to keep our community safe. It's heartbreaking listening to families, business owners as well as health workers stories a second time around on this second wave.

My mum came up from Melbourne to visit in Feb for 4 days and she's stuck here, staying with me. As she is nearing 80, along with me being immune suppressed, I have to take additional precautions. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, with new gear arrived and caring for mum, woolly my dog just had surgery. My customers mean the world to me, but I find it much easier to just do one on one that open slather until things are back to normal in Victoria.

Please follow basic requirements and wash hands in the washroom which is to your right, 2 metres inside the front entrance. You can work the tap with your arm. It is set up for best safety practices, along with the soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser.

Please follow social distancing, whilst in-store.

Please do not visit the store if you have flu-like symptoms or visited a hotspot anywhere.



Black Rabbit Online Store

Having Difficulty paying by card online?

This may be due to the billing address name, customer name and the credit/debit card name all being different. We upgraded security so payments on our site are paid within a secure portal with Bendigo Bank as Black Rabbit now trades globally.

When you pay by card, you are covered by our bank's portal security. Bendigo is Australia's 5th biggest online retail bank. Protection works both ways. We have no fraud, and your card transactions are safe like bank transfers.

Poney is fully aware and supports the many reasons customers have different names and will be able to assist with options and take care of our customers need for privacy. If you have purchased from us before or you know Poney, just call her on 0450 515 956. Bendigo Bank also does OSKO Fast Banking. Bank transfers are no problem for Poney. So don't hesitate to pay with a bank transfer at checkout if you struggle with the name issue.

Online is automated and running 24/7.



Collect in-store

Online runs 24/7 at the moment. Best way to reach Poney is text or email. Poney also is in a habit of working 1 pm to 5 am due to needing solitary time out to work on development without interruption. It is impossible for her to operate with the number of calls she gets per day on all kinds of matters. So folks please email.

Poney opens to the public as above. Customers can place orders online and then drop into the store to collect their order once they get a confirmation email from Poney. The confirmation email will let you know when your order is ready for pickup from the store.



Public Holidays

Wednesday 14th August 2020 Brisbane Show Day: Open 11 am to 6 pm
Monday 7th October 2020 Queens Birthday: Open 11 am to 6 pm