Opening Hours

Important Notice: Click & Collect Only

Hi everyone, the roof work is now completed. However, there is a massive clean up job that I need to do prior to reopening.  Therefore I am doing click & collect only till I've fixed everything up.  All the fittings need to be put back and there is an astronomical amount of cleaning to do whilst balancing online orders. Most of the stock is still offsite as it needed to be protected. I can't take it in until all the fittings are back up.

So, if you need something, just add it to your cart, and send a screenshot to 0450 515 956. I'll work out a solution for you to grab gear asap.


Common Questions

Q. Are you open?

A. Yes and no. If you are a regular customer and just want to grab something quickly then I can organise to meet you at the store when I do order collections or whilst cleaning up or sorting fittings.  I generally collect orders 7 days a week. If you want to make a time to meet me, just text 0450 515 956.

I'm struggling a bit at the moment with my back. Until I get some procedures done at the hospital, I sometimes can't make it into the store.


Q. When will you be reopening?

A. I'd love to reopen but it's not safe for customers until I finish the cleanup and get the fittings back on the shelf. Then I can book trucks to move all the stock and put it all away. I'll have tonnes of photos once it is complete. Till then click & collect folks!


Q. I heard I can collect from your home?

Yes you can, so long as the item you want is at home you can pretty much pick up your gear within an hour. However, you will need to put the items you want in your cart, take a screen shot and text it to me on 0450 515 956. I'll work with you to get it to you asap.

Current Lockdown

When we go into lockdown, I don't let people in the store. I'll reassess that after I get my second jab.


Regular Opening Hours

These will be set once everything is complete.



COVID is broken into 2 parts.

(1) Lockdowns (if relevant in Queensland)

Lockdowns are an official government status. Poney does not make these decisions, she simply abides by the law. Poney runs the store alone, so online orders are not impacted by Covid, yet in-store can't open to the public. If you want anything, order online, and if you can't wait for delivery, select click and collect and Poney will bring your order out to your car. If you don't wish to order online, use the live chat facility to organise alternative arrangements with Poney.

(2) Social Distancing

If Brisbane is not in lockdown, but restrictions are in place, please follow the 4 m social distancing rule whilst in-store. This is a superstore, spanning 500sqm and open-air. So we have no issues with social distancing. Poney demands that all customers wash their hands upon entry though.

Please do NOT visit the store if you KNOW you have flu-like symptoms or have visited a hotspot anywhere or recently returned from overseas. Don't put the rest of us at risk. I have worked in with Uber drivers to drop off goods many times. If you need something just speak to me. Nothing is impossible.


Collect in-store

You can order any item, whether in stock or backorder and collect it in-store, but you need to wait for Poney to let you know it is ready. If you are in a hurry ring ahead.