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Lesbian & Bi Female Models

Our Lesbian & Bi Customer Modelling Nights

SEQ Local, Interstate and International Event - Dates coming soon.

Next Lesbian & Bi Female Event - Date TBA (this is our Local, National and International customer event).

All products listed here were modeled at our lesbian and bi female modelling nights on premises at Black Rabbit Premium Leather. Black Rabbit hold quarterly modelling nights for all groups, and encourage all our customers to come along for fun, whether modelling or helping dress models, finding accessories to go with what's being modelled or offering up their body for measurements for our clothing. You're also welcome to just come along in your gear and add to the vibe.

Input to our store catalogue is seriously welcome. You can all reach out to Poney to suggest product requests at anytime.

We have a trans event as well, however this event is for women. Poney understands the myriad of hurdles faced by transexuals with gender dysphoria and studied Human Rights and Ethics at university specifically based on Gender Dysphoria, so I'm clarifying for everyone how I feel about who is perfect for this event.

Poney is also aware of the past 20 years of disagreements without our community, and is taking all of this into account to ensure this event is one of solidarity.

Labels are hard, and we all know gender is a spectrum. Most of us hate labels. So to clarify where Black Rabbit Premium Leather stands on these issues, I'm going to state my personal thoughts.

Butch dykes and their partners, both post operative women with trans history and pre-op transexuals with gender dysphoria (i.e. transmen and transwomen), are welcome to our female events. I am not ok with splitting up couples, regarless of where they sit on a spectrum or their previous trans history.

So if your partner is a transman, whether pre or post opp, they are more than welcome to come with you. Butch dykes can model any male clothing. How masculine you look is highly irrelevant. This is not only a modelling event, it's an opportunity to connect. There will no doubt be a reaction to my personal ruling on this, which is fine.

I believe its highly destructive, for a business such as mine to split a couple, when a partner has gender dsyphoria, whether they have transitioned or have a trans history. Many women met as women, and their journey and partner gave them the opportunity to be themselves and I support that 100%. So yes, if you met as lesbians and one of you transitioned and is now male with a trans history you are embraced to come along to this girls event.

If you do not have gender dysphoria, our trans nights would be the best option for you. Comfortability within this group, due to the personal nature of this event is essential. So if you have any issues with what I've outlined here, please write to Poney.

Our in-house photographer Dylan Hodgon provides our imags as below and he's awesome and lots of fun to work with. If your photo is in this category, you are welcome to post it anywhere, so long as the Black Rabbit logo stays on the image.  Dylan is not only exceptional at what he does, but he makes the whole experience so much fun and he's great at putting you at ease. Many models turned up too nervous to model, and ended up modelling and having a tonne of fun.

Women having an issue with Black Rabbit's gay photographer, should write to Poney, so we can address that. Dylan makes the entire process seamless. However, with this night, it's about the comfortability of our customers, friends and partners. If you are yet to shop with us, yes you are welcome. Part of this entire process is bringing you all together. I have to say without Dylan and the process he follows up with and the format I get his pictures in, would make these events an impossibility.

Also note that Noah, my PA is gay and I need him for this event. He's a beautiful soul and without him, I can't organise this event. So again, if any of you have issues with my beautiful gay staff, you'll need to reach out to Poney.

Girls this is one of the best local events to meet other girls into kink, that you may not have had the chance to meet without these nights. Thanks to all our awesome customers who come along to these events, it really helps Black Rabbit Premium Leather show case our gear and our incredible diversity, and give back to the community.

Thanks girls from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing! Respect to all.

I'm including in this category all the photos that are taken for us in between major photoshoots by customers who have bought product and want to see themselves on our site. Poney can't thank you enough for getting our gear on and showing it off!

BYO drinks. We shout Pizza at 8pm. Held on Sundays from 6pm to Midnight.

No venting in store please. All stories of that nature need to be done outside of store hours.

Poney, Owner, Black Rabbit Premium Leather

Products will be Loaded in This Section Shortly.

Sometimes we are inbetween letting go of discontinued stock and getting in new and better gear. We have plans for expansion in this area, and gear will be loaded soon.