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Mister B Inflatable Vortex Plug XL


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Giant inflatable buttplug with a minimum circumference of 40 cm, which makes this one of the World's biggest butt plugs.

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Mister B Australia - Gay Sex Toys - Mens Fetishwear

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Poney's Review

Vortex is a mega-giant inflatable buttplug with a minimum circumference of 38 cm, which makes this one of the World's biggest butt plugs. It's like pumping up a car tyre :P.  I've never seen an inflatable this big before, let alone one that comes in four different colours. How brilliant!

As with all Mister B inflatables, these bad boys come with the same German valve technology we've all come to love. I squeezed quite a bit of air out, to kick off, then refilled till it filled out its shape and that gave me 39 cm. So you can squeeze out more air to make it smaller than that but I measure minimums at full form. Those who don't get what I mean, if I take out more air, I'll have a big dent in one side. So you can certainly start smaller, but I wouldn't be suggesting this toy if you can't handle the 38 cm circumference.

I pumped him up to 43 cm in circumference. I bought myself some long jaw callipers to get an accurate fix on diameter but they are nowhere near accurate. Therefore, all I can recommend is using pi which estimates 120mm to 136mm in diameter. So make no mistake here, this toy is in my top 5% biggest toys. Will it inflate further? I am sure it will, but I'll leave that up to the new owners of this toy to play around with.  I am yet to get an inflatable to explode, but for this toy, I honestly can't see many needing to go past the 120 mm mark.

When deflated to the 38 cm circ. the neck was 17 cm circ. / 53 mm diameter, total length 21 cm with insertable length 19 cm.

When inflated to the 43 cm circ. the neck was 18 cm circ. / 55 mm diameter, total length 23 cm with insertable length 20 cm.

The base well and truly prevents insertion as its diameter is 120 mm.

Over-inflation plus leaving unnecessary air inside your inflatable when not in use is no good for the natural latex. Both will cause your toy to deteriorate earlier than necessary.

As I have mentioned to many customers, I play professionally and my Mister B inflatables are in better nick today than when I got them. The lubes I use must act as conditioners and I keep mine in black plastic (as they hate light), and in cooler boxes so the room temp doesn't go over 25 degrees.

The distance between the base of the toy to the tip of the valve pump is 45 cm.

The other exciting factor about these is they come in 4 colours!

Made from divine smelling natural latex. The latex is of excellent thick top quality.

Some ask what the diameter is if I take all air out of it and fold it over to insert. The answer is roughly 70 mm but it would be difficult to insert without air for structure.

I keep lots of black and get the colours when available.

To view stock levels, click on the actual product, select your colour in the drop-down menu. Stock levels are displayed at the right-hand side of price (if on phone) or right-hand side of add to cart button (if on PC). Ask Poney where they are if you are in-store, as they are sealed in black plastic for protection so you won't be able to spot them easily.

As with 100% of new gear, I have to load the toy, before being able to deliver the stock into the system. This process takes anywhere from 10 minutes to four hours. So please be patient.

Have a question? By all means scroll down and click the Q&A button.



Pump it up!  This Inflatable Vortex Plug is so easy to use and is a pleasure to insert.

Inflatable rubber butt plugs and dildos are a good and gentle way to increase the size of what you can take.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

The range of inflatables that we carry is top of the line. The rubber is approximately 2 mm thick, glued together very carefully, and we use high-quality metal valves.

As for any insertable toy: do use lubricant.

Since these inflatables are made of natural latex, do not use oil or cream-based lubricants because these will deteriorate the rubber.


Length excluding inflation tube and pump: 20 cm
Insertable length: 16 cm
Minimum Diameter: 5 cm
Maximum Diameter: 12 cm
Weight 200 gram


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Sku MBA424
Features Inflatable
Material Latex
Aroma No



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