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Mister B Combination Cockring and Ball Stretcher


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This toy is a combination between a cockring and a ballstretcher, it has a hole to put your dick through and one to put your balls through.

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Mister B Australia - Gay Sex Toys - Mens Fetishwear

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Satet's Review

This Mister B Combination Cockring And Ball Stretcher is a stainless steel toy that comes in 2 sections that come together with 2 hex key screws to form a massive 50mm wide ballstretcher dick splint style combo.

A few different brands have released this style of chunky weighted ring over the years and I have to say this particular one is more for torture in my humble opinion. The entire piece is awesome, accept for one small issue that would be a huge issue for those wanting a weighted cockring that was comfortable. The bit where your dick goes out, is quite sharp around the edges.

Pain wise around your cock base, unless your dick sticks out perfectly straight, in a nutshell, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you are wanting a toy that is more a torture device, then this is definitely in that class, and you may love the weighted feel of it to boot!

The quality of this Mister B version of this toy is much better than Extreme Restraints version of it.

Note: the large is LARGE and heavy (around 850g). Just so you know how much you're lugging around.

This toy is available in two sizes, small and large.

Section 1 for the small is the 10mm thick cockring which has a 45mm inner diameter and is 25mm wide. Section 2 is also 25mm wide. The balls hole is 30mm and the cock hole is 35mm. The outside diameter for this toy is 65mm.

Section 1 for the large is the 10mm thick cockring which has a 53mm inner diameter and is 25mm wide. Section 2 is also 25mm wide. The balls hole is 30mm and the cock hole is 45mm. The outside diameter for this toy is 75mm.



We’ve come up with this great new idea: a combination between cockring and ballstretcher. This ring splits in two rings. The first ring you put on like a regular cockring. The second ring you screw on the first; it has a hole to put your dick through and one to put your balls through. We agree that it’s a bit difficult to get it on but that’s mainly because of the hard-on you get! Once it’s on it’s great!


Small: weight 740 gram / cockring 45 mm / penishole 35 mm / ballhole 32 mm.

Large: weight 820 gram / penishole 45 mm / ballhole 34 mm.


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sku MBCB0103
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Features No
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