Loyalty Program

Do You Have a Black Rabbit Account?

Points are used after your first purchase to give you cash discounts on future purchases.

Before you get concerned, it's free and no we don't bombard you with tonnes of emails, but you will get a copy of your receipt or a response to something you have requested. When Poney finally releases our bi-monthly flyer, it will only have juicy information in it, about workshops, events and super deals offered to our loyalty program customers for staying loyal. If you have an account, just log in and change your settings to what you prefer.

Points are used after your first purchase to give you cash discounts on future purchases. You can save your points up and get free items, or use them as you shop to get discounts. The account provides wishlists that  you can add to over time, and you can even share your wishlists with partners and friends.

Customers who do orders over the phone should note that we have to create an account for you to do this for you. Customers not wanting an account need to place their orders online. Our store is connected directly with Bendigo Bank, so your details are secure with our bank. We are one of the first adult stores in the country to have such a facility, and no third party involved.

What Are Points Worth?

Product points are allocated on a point per dollar value. If you spend $1000 you get 1000 points. 1000 points is $20.00. They are basically .02 per point, so sign up (200 points) plus a $200.00 order gets you 400 points which is $8.00 off your next order. If you review that item then you can get up to 500 points instantly. (see Product Reviews for full details). Poney has just recently overhauled our review system, so it's now automatic when you leave a reveiw, and it just calculates 4 letter words and over to a maximum points tally per review of 500 points for any item worth $30.00 or more.

Poney is completely uninterested in fake reviews which so many online stores do. Most kinky people don't like leaving reviews. So to encourage customers to leave reviews, we give you more points than any other way.

If shopping in store locally, you can register with just a first and last name, and an email address. Registered customers can rest easy, knowing our system maintains your orders for warranty purposes, and sends you emailed receipts, so there is no need to keep thermal shop receipts that fade over the years.

How Do I Create a Black Rabbit Account Online?

You can either click on the "Log In" link in our top right corner of our website, or click on "Create An Account" in the bottom left corner which is in our "Customer" menu. If you are using an iphone or ipad, you will need to select the "CUSTOMER +" menu and it will expand and show you both "Log In" and "Create an Account".

Having a registered account is essential for items with warranties as some of the items we sell come with a 1 year, 5 year or lifetime warranty. We can not honour items if you have no record of when the item was purchased, and more importantly, if it was purchased from us. Poney looks after all faults and returns and the first thing she requires is the order number to view, which product was purchased and the product code registered to you on our system.

But I Want to Shop Anonymously!

Whether you shop in store, over the phone or online as an unregistered user, please ensure you get a receipt and hold on to that, as it will be required should you have a faulty claim. The date you purchased an item, along with what you purchased is required by our manufacturers for a valid warranty and it needs to be clear, so it's best to take a photo of your receipt before it fades.

If you have a registered account with us, all your orders are stored in our backend which you can access by logging in to your account. You can check your orders, view your points tally, use our wishlist system and you can even email your wishlist to others for birthdays and other similar events.

Do My Points Expire?

Black Rabbit Premium Leather are very customer focussed. We understand that many kinksters have breaks from the scene from time to time, and not all of us buy toys every year. Therefore as of 10 June 2017 we have extended our points expiry period from 1 year to 2 years. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their points do not expire. To avoid disappointment, customers can log in to their account and change the settings for loyalty point emails to get reminders before your points are due to expire.  If you shop in store, mention when you're at the checkout, that you'd like to use some of your loyalty points. The system doesn't tell us, we have to ask it, and sometimes we forget to ask.

I'm a Registered Customer and Can't See My Points

Points are only viewable after you log in, regardless of what device you're on, be it a PC, Ipad or phone. Once you have logged in, you will see in the top right corner how many points you have accumulated. If on a PC click on the link "My Account" at the top of the screen. There you will see your dashboard, a list of all your orders and points. If on a phone scroll down to Points Summary and click on View My Points & Rewards Section. On a phone, it lists earnings, and provides all your orders by date.

I'm a New Customer and Can't See my Points

Click Login at the top right corner of your PC, Ipad or phone. Fill in New Customer details. Then See Registered Customers instructions. New customers, as stated above, get 200 to kick off with*.

How Do I Claim My Points?

Always log in to your account when you shop, and view your points tally and claim points at checkout.

If you have many points, and you are using all your points to buy 1 item, you may not earn points for the item you purchased. This is the case when your points pay pay for your entire purchase. You can not earn points if an item was free, as you only earn product purchase points on each dollar you spend. Points are claimed in blocks of 50. So if you have 70 points, you can put 50 towards an order. Most customers let their points build up and get great discounts.

How Do I Get Free Toys?

Sharing 8 products per week, via the social media links (provided with each product) also earns you points.

*Points can be claimed upon your second purchase. You can not use your 200 sign up points, against your first purchase. However, you can use your sign up points, together with your product purchase points from your first order to obtain a discount on your second order and so forth. We do not split your first order in to 2 parts so you can claim the sign up points on half your first purchase.

Our points system is very fair. Therefore, we do not offer discounts, regardless of the order size.

If you experience issues with points, write to Poney by emailing her on info@blackrabbit.com.au or 0450 515 956.