International Customers

Customs, Duties, Tax Thresholds & Taxes - Discounts For All Overseas Customers

As an Australian business, our online prices include Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST). International customers do not need to pay this tax. So at checkout, International customers will receive a much cheaper sub total. Note that some medical items we sell are GST free, so those items will be the same price Worldwide.

We ship our products all over the world and in most cases, taxes, customs and duties may be charged at your destination by your government.

Customers are responsible for all customs clearance costs, taxes and duties associated with their purchase. It is also the customers responsibility to acknowledge what tax thresholds exist when importing goods from Australia to your country.

Different countries vary in their importation laws pertaining to the nature of goods available from our store. You are solely responsible for your parcel, should such import laws affect final delivery.

You are also responsible for the payment of all costs incurred from the importation of your parcel as determined by your destination country.

As laws, taxes and duties not only differ between countries but are also subject to change, it is important that customers research laws, taxes and duties pertaining to their country prior to placing an order.

We do not accept any responsibility for customs detainment and/or destruction of sadomasochistic and/or sexual goods purchased from us, should such importation be prohibited by your country.

We do not accept the return of goods due to customs detainment in your country, nor do we provide part or full refunds for goods that do not reach their final destination due to your countries import laws.

We do not accept the return of goods due to non payment of duties, taxes or other fees that are deemed your responsibility.

We do not accept responsibility for losses and damages to goods whilst held in customs awaiting payment and/or clearance.

We have had problems with Indonesia, India and Malaysia in the past, and will continue to list any other country where problems arise. We no longer ship to such countries.

Also see Packaging & Delivery.

Also see Purchase Guide for information about our quick International Shipping Calculator.