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hünkyjunk - Super Stretchy Silicone - Mens Sex Toys

what is hünkyjunk?

hünkyjunk is a joint venture with Oxballs!

hünkyjunk is a modern take on men's sex and the toys that make sex more fun.  All new hünkyjunk toys are creative toys with a focus on style, function, durability and colour.  Our plus+silicone silicone/TPR blend feels smooth--it has a velvety rubbery feel with incredible stretch and strength you’d expect from any product we make.

Our designers joined a stylist in Europe that added a clean sparse style to hünkyjunk—our toys are euro cool and USA sturdy, functional and sexy.

Look at hünkyjunk’s packaging back to see how to wear or use the toy modeled on our digital Hüjman.  A booklet packed with info is stashed in a pocket on every clamshell - it has lots of pictures plus information on how to care for the material including an introduction to hünkyjunk and why our designs are cool and fun to use, care and material info.

Style and great product is hünkyjunk--premium product for men looking for sex toys with clear function, great design and quality, toys that make sex fun.  That is hünkyjunk.  Hünkyjunk is Hüj!

Hunkyjunk colours include:

cobalt is blue
ice is opaque white
tar is near black
stone is a pale grey

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  • hünkyjunk CLUTCH Cock and Ball Sling

    SKU: OX205
  • hünkyjunk COG C-Rings 2-Size

    SKU: OX206
  • Hunkyjunk ELONG Wide Base Nipsucker - 2 Piece Pack

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: OX215
  • hünkyjunk FIT Ergo Long-Wear C-ring

    SKU: OX204
  • hünkyjunk HUJ C-RING

    SKU: OX199
  • hünkyjunk HUJ3 C-RING 3-Pack

    SKU: OX202
  • hünkyjunk LOCKDOWN Chastity

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: OX197
  • hünkyjunk RIPPLE Asslock

    SKU: OX201
  • hünkyjunk SLINGSHOT 3-Ring Teardrop Cockring

    SKU: OX220
  • hünkyjunk SWELL Adjust-fit Cocksheath

    SKU: OX203

10 Item(s)

per page