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Gift Certificate

SKU: GiftCert

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Surprise someone with a Gift Certificate. We have two options for Gift Certificates. You can order one online, which can only be used online. If you are requiring an actual glossy Gift Certificate, please call us on 0450 515 956 to arrange and pay over the phone or pop into the store.

Customers can customise their certificate number (12 digits maximum) to make your gift as meaningful and personal as possible to the receiver. Our Gift Certificates can be written out by customers in store, or by staff in store or over the phone. We are happy to write anything at all on Gift Certificates to make them special for you, our valued community.

The cost of mailing a Gift Certificate depends on how you wish for it to be sent, express or parcel post.

When claiming a Gift Certificate, the total value of your order needs to be in excess of the actual Gift Certificate. It can not be used on multiple orders, or exchanged for cash.

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Black Rabbit Premium Leather
Owner Poney Quarterzarne
5/89 Jijaws Street
Sumner Park QLD 4074

PO Box 1003

ABN 34 987 446 554

Satet's Review

Poney has finally released the ultimate in kinky gifts, our new in store Black Rabbit Gift Certificates with Black Rabbit's iconic bunny head. They are so much nicer than our previous ones, and match the quality of the gear Black Rabbit sell. You can check them out here on our Facebook page.

Our new Gift Certificates come with a lovely unmarked black envelope. Note that the image on this particular page is associated with the software for online generated gift certificates, not our actual physical in store Gift Certificates which can not be emailed. They are only mailed or handed to you in store. The online version is for customers to fill in, so it can be auto emailed on a particular date.

If you want a hard copy gift certificate mailed to you, please call the store on 0450 515 956, and staff will organise it for you. We can mail them Worldwide.

If you are coming in to the store for a gift certificate for a loved one, you can personalise the voucher code, plus hand write them for that extra personal touch. Otherwise, we will take care of it for you.

Gift Certificates are always popular. They are a great kinky gift to give when you are unsure what someone really wants.

With Gift Certificates, the total value of your order needs to more than the value of the Gift Certificate amount. One Gift Certificate can not be used on multiple orders and it cannot be exchanged for cash or another Gift Certificate of a smaller value.

Regardless of how you wish to claim your Gift Certificate, we will be able to sort that out for you on the phone or in store.



Surprise someone with a Gift Certificate for Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas and all other intimate days.


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What a great idea and service these gift certificates are, would the person being gifted this be able to redeem it online as well as in your Brisbane shop? And would we be able to use it for the full range of amazing BDSM and kinky toys, fetish equipment, and leather gear and clothes that Black rabbit offers?


Why Offer Backorder?

The bonus for customers is getting gear at a cheaper price, as the hikes due to our dollar don't get passed on as customers buy at the existing price.

Our toy and clothing range of sizes and colours is too extensive to physically fit a few of everything in our 500sqm retail store. If we sold mainstream gear, not a problem, but we sell rare quality gear. Many companies only deal with 5-10 suppliers and we have 90+. By offering backorder/pre-order, not only does it allows our customers to buy the gear they want, whilst having the time to shop, it gives us real-time notice of changes in product demand. Whilst our currency is so unstable, backorders are unavailable unless you contact Poney.

Postage Costs

We currently have an issue with Australia Post's API (the thing that calculates postage costs online). It is not taking into account whether Poney packs your order in a satchel nor how things can be packed. Large orders and orders that contain some big toys, are stating some crazy postage prices. Please reach out to Poney on either 0450 515 956 or (07) 4977 5877 to see if she can pack your order in a satchel or box in a way that carves your postage to a more reasonable amount. Poney can't tell you how much something will cost, unless she knows what you want to buy. See Australia Post options here. If you pay your postage this way, you can state "Collect in Store" to remove the automatic postage charged by Australia Post. If you want signature on delivery, you need to purchase it, as I need to purchase it too.

How Long Does Backorder Take?

Sometimes customers buy something that we only just ran out of, and the next batch isn't due for 6 weeks. However, most of the time, we already knew we were running low so new gear may have just arrived, but not made it to the shop floor or loaded into our system.  Backordering gear guarantees you do not miss out, should we have a spike in demand.

If an item is required as a gift or for an event, you can get an approximate estimated time of arrival (ETA) or just call the store on (07) 4977 5877. It's not uncommon for us to say, that just arrived and we can prioritise processing for you so it can get posted that day.

So customers know what is going on, Poney lists as much information as possible that will help customers know how their gear is travelling. We include when it left our supply team up to getting onto our retail floor. Backorders are pulled from shipments as they arrive, then the remaining gear goes into the retail store. Unless we say it's hit the floor, it's still getting unpacked.

If the system says we have your item in stock, it should be in the store. If it is out of stock, you can check below whether it is being processed or just give us a call. Feel free to call Poney's after-hours number 0450 515 956

Just Arrived & Incoming Gear


Bare Leatherworks
On Hold.

X Lube
X Lube comes from Berlin and Germany closed its boarders just before it was to be picked up. So we wait. I've still got about 15 bottles in store. UPDATE 23 MARCH 2020

Mister B (SKU codes beginning with MB) or any item by Mister B - UPDATE 18 MARCH 2020

Oxballs (SKU codes beginning with OX) - UPDATE 27 MARCH 2020
Finally, all arrived and being processed now.

Premium Stainless Steel
All codes starting with RI or PS, you can write to us. We have some here to load, some on its way, and some more getting made December. We have multiple shipments coming and still taking pre-orders.

Slam Dunk - UPDATE 4 MARCH 2020
Slam Dunk is on the store floor and we have tonnes of original and unscented both sizes.

Pepee Lubricants & Waterproof Sheets - UPDATE 27 MARCH 2020
I now have in store a tonne of waterproof sheets, along with a top up on lubricants. I also have a funky new dispenser for bulk lube that is on tap and takes 5 litres. Check them out in-store.

Bare Leatherworks
Arrived and still processing. Will update once the stock hits the retail floor. I have no elk or deer.

All items with SKU starting with CS
Poney pulling this order together now. Contact the store should you need anything.

All items with SKU starting with K
Just landed and currently processing. There are hundreds of collars, cuffs, clothing. Poney is redoing some renovations behind the counter so new stock can go in downstairs whilst waiting to get onto the floor, so customers can at least see what we have.

All items with SKU starting with MTA
Currently behind the counter. Just ask.

E-Stim Systems - UPDATE 4 MARCH 2020
Getting processed now. It's in store.

Hemp Rope, Dyed MFP & Nylon - UPDATE 27 MARCH 2020
Finally with Poney getting broken up into saleable lengths. Gorgeous hemp, nylon 6mm and 8mm hemp and 8mm MFP. Lots of colours. Will be ready for sale next week. Not cutting or displaying instore. Samples will be available though so you can see the colours and feel it. Poney is the only person handling rope for sale.

All items with SKU starting with SJ


Maskulo - UPDATE 4 MARCH 2020

Colon Snakes

Huge colon snakes will come in from Germany after Germany opens borders. Other colon snakes are already on their way to me, and will arrive next week.