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FUN FACTORY stands as Europe’s largest manufacturer of erotic toys with high standards of innovation and quality. The product range leaves no desire unanswered.

FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colourful spectrum of toys all made with 100% body-safe silicone – all “Made in Germany”. As the first brand in the world to ever make silicone vibrators, FUN FACTORY has many years of technical knowledge producing skin friendly, hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless and easy to clean toys.

Why I love Fun Factory?

Firstly, their toys are top quality. Problems with Fun Factory toys are exceptionally rare. It's like 1 small issue every 4 years. I know of no other brand that sells electronics who maintains that kind of track record.

Their electronics are intelligent and get better each year but remain easy to use.

All Fun Factory toys are designed and manufactured under one roof in Germany. Their factory is clean and safe and supports their workers.

Europe sex toy industry is regulated unlike the rest of the World, but Germany in particular, is regulated moreso than other European countries.

The German government regulates their toys, tests materials and conditions and functions to ensure all materials comply with EU standards for safety, health and environmental impact.

Because Fun Factory design, manufacture, test and comply with all requirements all under one roof, they have one of the smallest manufacturing carbon footprints in the World.

All of these reasons make up why, I adore this brand. Thank you Fun Factory! Wish more toy manufacturers cared as much as you do about the quality and wellbeing of its customers and workers as much as you do.



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  • Fun Factory Abby G Vibrator

    SKU: GAR119
  • Fun Factory Amor Dildo

    SKU: GAR123

    Out of stock

  • Fun Factory Amorino Mini Vibrator

    SKU: GAR094
  • Fun Factory BENDYBEADS

    SKU: GAR017
  • Fun Factory Big Boss G5 Vibe

    SKU: GAR021
  • Fun Factory Bootie Anal Toy

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    SKU: GAR084
  • Fun Factory Buck Dich Paddle Dildo

    SKU: GAR098
  • Fun Factory Duke MenONLY

    SKU: GAR007
  • Fun Factory Flexi Felix Anal Toy

    SKU: GAR101
  • Fun Factory Gigolino

    SKU: GAR130
  • Fun Factory JAM

    SKU: GAR127
  • Fun Factory Jazzie Slim Vibrator

    SKU: GAR121

Items 1 to 12 of 23 total

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