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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Are you open during the Coronavirus outbreak?

A. The store is open but limited hours until a new hospital-style sink is put into the customer bathroom for rigorous handwashing for all customers. See opening hours. These will be extended shortly. Customers can just call Poney on 0450 515 956 to make a time to pop into the store. That way we keep in store numbers to a minimum. The store is a 500sqm space, and as such, there is no reason why all customers can not keep a 4m distance.

There is a no go zone for all clothing. So items that are only handled by the hands are ok, but only once everyone thoroughly washes their hands upon entering the store.

Keep yourself safe, keep us safe. Business online as usual.

Q. I would like to buy something but it appears to be out of stock?

A. Best thing to do is just contact the store, and we will advise you if it's in store but waiting processing, just about to arrive, or waiting to come in.  We recently moved to Sumner Park, and we had an enormous task renovating a store 5 times the size of our last store. We have a super team working towards getting all stock in store, and we are working with our customers, by phone or email to answer all stock enquiries. 98% of items out of stock are all coming back, we are working through it all as quick as possible. Until then, call us on 07 4977 5877, will get you answers to anything.

Q. Your phone number is not a Brisbane number, where are you located?

A. We chose a phone number that is easiest for our customers to remember whilst dialling, to help our older customers. Our store is 20 minutes South West from the heart of Brisbane City, and approximately 35 minutes from Brisbane Airport. We are only located in Brisbane at present.

Q. Do you have a physical "Bondage Store" that I can visit in person?

A. We have a fantastic bondage store in Brisbane. Click here for "Location" and here for "Opening Hours".

Q. I have been sent an email to say my parcel is shipped. How can I track it.

A. Tracking numbers are emailed to the email address that customers put on their Black Rabbit order. Note that if you pay via PayPal and your PayPal email is different to the email on your order, we still use the email address on your Black Rabbit order. All tracking updates get sent to that email. As many customers use email addresses that they often do not check regularly, please check those email address plus your spam folders prior to contacting our store, as this fixes 99% of the issue.  Additionanl information can be found under "Delivery".

Q. We used to come to your old shop around 2008 which was under your house, and it was by appointment only.  Is it still by appointment only?

A. No, we moved and the current store is open to the public during the hours stated under "Opening Hours".

Q. I know you're a BDSM shop, but do you have sex toys as well?

We sell what we believe to be the World's best sex toys.

Q. What times are your store open?

A. Our opening hours are all listed under "Opening Hours". Also, if you ring our main store number 07 4977 5877, you will hear our opening hours read out by the sexy recognisable voice to many, our current Mr QLD Leather Title Holder, Twitch. Thank you Twitch!

Q. I've tried to call and couldn't get through. How can I contact you?

A. We recently put in a new phone system that is brilliant and you can leave a message if we are tied up with another call. Thank you Steve!

Q. Do I call Poney, Satet or Poney

A. Please call me Poney, it's my real name.

Q. Do you price match?

A. This is Poney's pet hate. Customers pay for our support, superiour service, knowledge and authentic product range, that is tested by a team that are very good at what they do. You can not buy our toys dirt cheap on the net, you can buy shit copies of them. So far I'm yet to see a copy of anything we sell that functions as good, lasts as long or feels as nice, let alone be crafted ethically and sustainably.

Great businesses who have designed fantastic gear have closed due to people ripping off their work. When people buy a copy that is shit, it reflects on the original brand. One day you may design a toy, and when you see your photos ripped off and people selling your toy for 1/100th of the price becasue it's made of some tioxic material or has been made by people who don't even know what they are making, you'd be pissed too.

Just because we have a lot of products, does not mean we are a large corporation. We are a small proud local leather business that specialises in quality and rare bondage toys and BDSM gear. We have a small awesome team and we offer exceptional personal customer service. We love our customers and it's reflected in our style.

Asking  us to price match with super stores who sell copies, is the same as asking your local butcher to beat Coles and Woolworths. In fact it's worse, because most of the requests we get from customers asking us to beat prices are shops that run online with no stock and they don't spend hours with customers trying to help them with complexed enquiries.

We are a educational facilty, and raise money for charities. I bet these competitors don't have a physical shop to run, nor do they offer free education to their customers and community, nor the free fittings we offer.  90% of what we sell can be purchased online as cheap copies that don't function properly. Will I compete with that. Never. I'm disgusted by it. For every great company that designs and manufactures a great toy, there are 1000 companies out there who steal it and cut corners whether in materials or safety features, or make the item smaller to save money or make some minor difference that stops it from fitting. We do very small profit margins, so please don't offend us by asking us to work for nothing, when we offer exceptional services to you, because we love what we do and we are all genuinely involved in kink.

We suggest if you wish to save money, join our loyalty program and do reviews.

Q. Is your store a dropship store?

A. No. We do not dropship any products.  All products leave our store and are sent directly to you as one delivery. Please also note that unless agreed up front, we do not send part orders. If something should be out of stock, due to the coincidence of someone buying it instore, at the same time, we hold the order until all items are available to ship at the same time.

Q. Do you have a loyalty program?

A. Yes, we have a fantastic loyalty program that is very easy to use, that covers you instore and online, so long as you are logged into the system, before you shop. You get points when registering with us. You get points for leaving reviews (you need to have purchased the item to leave a review). You get points for sharing on social media. Mostly, you get points when you purchase anything. All these points add up and are clearly shown when you're logged into our store in the top right corner of your screen. When you view your cart, just use the slider to choose how many points you wish to use, and it deducts a cash amount off your total. See Loyalty Points for further information. My advice is sign up and get sharing on social media. It's the easiest way to gather cash together to buy things.

Q. Do you ship same day?

A. Not unless it's pre-organised with Skout and fits in with what he's already doing.

Q. I bought something you sell from another store, where you said it was great but it's not, and the measurements are wrong. Why would that be?

A. Just because another store says an item is a particular brand and name, does not mean this is the case. It comes down to copies being made of originals and we only sell originals. I've had countless people contact me over the years and some customers have even shown me what they bought.

When you compare a copy to an original you will see the major differences. Black Rabbit only sells authentic toys. It all comes down to buyer beware. I measure all my toys with high quality digital vernier callipers. Just remember the sextoy industry and most lubricants are not regulated, and it depends on the honesty of the store you are dealing with. I'm honest and our customer reviews are also honest.

Q. I need something mailed to me urgently. I bought it from another store and I never received it. I don't want to get ripped off again. If I buy it from you, can you guarantee I'll get it in time for an event I'm going to this weekend.

Contact us before ordering and we'll let you know.

Q. I am totally new to BDSM and am not sure what to buy. I am also a little nervous coming to your store. Do you cater for new people.

A. Absolutely. We love helping new people start out their journey and will help you choose the best bondage toys for the job at hand. We have assisted 1000's of new people with their first ever purchases. We give friendly free advice to all customers. We can assist with all kinks from littles wanting a new collar, to professional dominants setting up their new dungeons. Poney has extensive knowledge in most kinks. Sharing that knowledge has always been a passion. Please feel comfortable in asking us anything.

Q. Do you have EFTPOS or do I have to pay cash.

A. We handle cash and EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. See Payment for other options.

Q. Do you offer lay-by?

A. Poney applied for Afterpay, but they don't provide that service for adult shops. If you are wanting an item, you will need to put down a deposit every two weeks, and the goods are not released until full payment is made.

Q. What currency is your site in?

A. We are an Australian owned and operated business, and bank with an Australian bank. Our currency is in Australian dollars only. All prices include GST, unless they are GST Free. GST is removed at checkout for all International orders. Please refer to International Customers for further details on GST and getting goods into your country.

 Q. Will my parcel be sent to me discreetly?

A. Definitely. If the postman can guess what is in the satchel, we will box your items first to ensure they will never know. We use Toll Ipec or Australia Post satchels which the sender address is listed as BR and our PO Box number. There are no logos or business names listed on the parcel. Customers decide at checkout which postage service they wish to use.

Q. Can I get an order from you without ordering it online?

A. Definately. You can phone us, tell us what items you want, and you can send us the money or just pay over the phone with a credit card. (See payment options). If the item is out of stock, there is probably a change in the product which will need to be updated prior to purchase.

Q. Will any of my information be shared?

Most definitely not. We pay high fees to secure our customers details and their purchases. Everything gets shredded and we do not keep card numbers, we run our online credit cards via PayPal for your security.  Each time you do a phone order, you will need to provide card details, as we don't store them anywhere.

Q. Do you send to PO Box addresses or parcel lockers?

A. Yes. Please read our section on Delivery, in regards to PO Boxes.

Q. Do you ship Worldwide?

A. We ship to most countries. Please refer to International Customers for further details on which countries we do not ship to and why.

Q. Do you post parcels to business addresses.

A. Yes we do, but your business name must be included with the address.

Q. How much will postage cost.

A. Postage is generally $19.00 within Australia via our curiour Toll. If you spend over $300.00 and your parcel doesn't go over 5kg, the shipping is free. International postage depends upon where it is going and how heavy the item is. Postage is calculated at checkout and based on Australia Post rates. Please refer to International Customers section for further details on price reductions as International customers do not pay Australian Goods and Services Tax. If your order is under $300 within Australia, you have multiple options at checkout to chose from.

Q. Can I collect my parcel in person.

A. Certainly, but please give us a call first, so we don't keep you waiting whilst we pick and process your order. Just call 0450 515 956 and see if your order is ready for pick-up.

Q. What happens if I check the box to sign for my parcel and I'm not home when it's delivered?

A. Please see Delivery information for PO Box addresses and parcel lockers and when you wish to sign for parcels and not at home.

Q. What name will show on my paypal account/credit card?

A. Purchases made via paypal show up as BLACK RABBIT on your paypal statement. EFTPOS payments show up as BLACK RABBIT PREMIUM L CHAPEL HILL QL AUS on your credit card or debit statement. See Payment for further information. Poney is getting this changed to something a little more discreet.

Q. Is your site safe for my credit card.

A. We have chosen to use PayPal as our provider as their processes are some of the worlds safest. You do not require a PayPal account, you just choose the option underneath to pay using a credit card. As we use PayPal, we do not keep your credit card details on file, making us a safe option for payment.

Q. Do you price match?

A. No we don't. Our price structure is very fair based on the price set by the manufacturer, along with the price of getting it from them to you (including customs, shipping plus the AUD value at the time we purchased our stock. We also hold significant stock and do not dropship. We will always try to give you the best price possible. Poney is working towards cheaper prices based on bulk buying. So over time we hope that we will have the highest quality, with the best prices.

Q. If I buy several items, can I have a discount?

A. We have a loyalty program that takes care of that for us. The more you buy the more you save.

Q. Can I return a product if I don't like it?

Please ensure you purchase the correct colour, size, style or product, as we do not offer refunds and returns on perfectly good quality toys. We would not like to sell returned goods, and our customers agree that they would not like to purchase returned goods, particularly items that could possibly have been worn with the tags hidden.

We do offer returns on faulty products which are covered under our Returns Policy. We are aware of the condition that our toys are in when they leave our store, as we handle them to pack them. Insurance is the customers responsibility once parcels have left our store. As some of our toys carry a lifetime guarantee, please keep a receipt copy. If you have purchased in store and registered an account or online and registered and account, you can log into your account and print a receipt for any order at any time. Please note that all items you buy will only carry a warranty if they are listed on your account. If you go through our system as a guest, you are registered as Black Rabbit Premium Leather. Without an eftpos receipt, it would be impossible to find you.

Q. I have shopped with you before and I was not given a receipt.

A. You will need to take a photo of your toys and the date you purchased them. Poney made it a priority this year to have a proper working receipt printer in store. If you lost your receipt, Poney will do whatever possible to provide you with a receipt for peace of mind. We can not honour warranty periods if we have no idea of the purchase date, or whether you purchased the item from us. It's important you let Poney know should you require this information.

Something we just wish to add.

Sex toys are made all over the world, some by machine and some by hand. They are handled, packed, stored, and shipped in various conditions. Unless a toy is for e.g., a sterilised medical item that is in a sealed pack with a use by date, always sterilise your toys before use. They do not come sterilised prior to packaging. So wash your toy thoroughly prior to use.