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Besides excellent quality estim toys. Another thing that sets E-Stim Systems apart from other electrosex toy manufacturers is E-Stim System's lifetime guarantee.

E-Stim Systems Ltd was launched in early 2004 to develop an alternative to some of the overpriced and under specified Electro Stimulation units available on the market.

A team of experienced E-Stim users, together with experienced and professional engineers work together to produce a range of E-Stim products designed with value, versatility and above all safety in mind. The results speak for themselves.

From the unsure beginner to the professional Domme, our equipment is designed to offer something for everyone. We don’t just offer quality electrosex equipment at reasonable prices, we also offer the one thing that is sometimes lacking in modern business. That of service. If you have questions about any of our products then please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to conform to the latest European and US safety standards. We won’t compromise on quality, features or safety, we don’t see why you should either.

We have now been around for 10 years, and from our small beginnings with the Series 1, to our latest and highly popular Series 2B, every year has been better than the previous, with new products and great new friends joining us.

2014 is going to be even better with some fantastic ideas planned. We have now launched our latest e-stim electrode The Deviant™, the first of our electrodes to feature our new Ripplehead™ technology.

Our latest and possibly the ultimate e-stim power unit, the 2B™ has more power than any of our other control units, mains (both 220V and 110V) power options, a digital PC link and a constantly developing software base, the 2B is simply the best E-Stim unit in the world.

E-Stim Systems Premium Electrodes (New Satin Finish)

During 2017, E-Stim Systems have moved their premium electrode range over from brushed solid aircraft grade aluminium to satin finish solid aircraft grade aluminium. This has left Black Rabbit Premium Leather in a transitional state from brushed to satin finish. Some electrodes will only be available in brushed until sold and replaced with the new satin finish electrodes, and some electrodes that have sold out prior to the release of the satin finish, will only be available in the satin finish. You can always contact us, should you strictly prefer a particular finish and we will advise you if we have available stock.

We have updated our range of Premium Electrodes by changing the finish. The new Satin finish is now here.

The shapes have not changed but the finish has. We have replaced the brushed finish on our Premium electrodes with a new Satin finish. This gives the electrodes a lovely even, slightly textured finish that has a little sparkle to it. Not only do they look great but they hold lube better, but are no harder to clean.

This new finish is available on all of your favourites, including the worlds largest E-Stim electrode, The Decimator.

Like our Power Boxes, all of our Premium Electrodes are manufactured by us in the UK and backed by our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee, so if your customers manage to break them then we will repair or replace them.

These electrodes are made from solid aircraft grade aluminium and are fitted with heavy duty 4mm sockets. Unlike many others they are split horizontally rather than vertically, giving a more natural movement when in use.

Please note cables are not supplied and need to be purchased separately.


The use of Electro Stimulation (E-Stim) units for erotic pleasure (electrosex!) is widely enjoyed by many people, but as with most activities there are some safety considerations. E-Stim is generally considered to be unsuitable for anyone with a pacemaker, or medical infusion device; a heart disturbance; used during pregnancy and it should never be used across the chest (hand-to-hand on the same person counts as 'across the chest'), or above the neck.

All of our equipment is designed, built and tested to the latest standards (BS60601-15)

We make no claims or recommendations in relation to its use.

We can take no responsibility for any use or misuse of any item shown on this site. All items are sold as novelty devices only!

It is agreed that the purchaser takes full responsibility in law.

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  • E-Stim Systems 10mm Snap Adaptors

    SKU: ES0024
  • E-Stim Systems 2B Accessory Pack

    SKU: ES0098
  • E-Stim Systems 2B Digital Interface PC Link

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    SKU: ES0083
  • E-Stim Systems 4mm Low Profile Adaptor

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  • E-Stim Systems 4mm Low Profile Cable

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  • E-Stim Systems 4mm to 2mm Adaptors

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  • E-Stim Systems A-Box (Audio Box)

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  • E-Stim Systems Audio CD

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  • E-Stim Systems Bi-Polar Electro Speculum

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    Now $98.00

  • E-Stim Systems BiConnection Cable

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  • E-Stim Systems Bipolar Eclip

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  • E-Stim Systems Bobble

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  • E-Stim Systems Classic Remote Kit

    SKU: ES0003
  • E-Stim Systems Conductive Electrogel 100ml

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  • E-Stim Systems Conductive Rubber Loops

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  • E-Stim Systems Connect Pack

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  • E-Stim Systems Crock Clips

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  • E-Stim Systems Decimator Electrode

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  • E-Stim Systems Deviant

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  • E-Stim Systems Diamond Penis Plug

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  • E-Stim Systems Dual Pinwheel

    SKU: ES0040
  • E-Stim Systems Dual Splitter Adaptor

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  • E-Stim Systems Electro Cock Straps

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    SKU: ES0012
  • E-Stim Systems Electro Egg

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