Packaging & Delivery

Speedy Delivery - Delays Due to Covid-19

Poney runs all areas of her business personally. She's grown organically for 12 years and understands every part of her business exceptionally well. However, due to Covid-19 which is an unforeseen historical event, she is still playing catch up. Although Covid does not affect all parts of Australia equally or currently, International demand is high as many parts of the World are still experiencing lockdowns and social distancing.

It's appreciated that customers understand that express post is the time it takes Australia Post to get your order from lodgement destination to you. The time it takes for Poney to collect your order and wrap it up, is in addition to the time it takes to post. Customers who ring after they order to get an ETA are holding the process up even more. If you have an account, please log in, and look at your status. It will let you know where it is at. If the status says "Waiting for Customer", I've sent you an email explaining a problem. Please locate that email and check junk and get back to Poney with an answer so she can kickstart your order off to you.

The process of getting orders out at the moment can take up to 14 days. Poney is working on setting up a massive postage room at home so she can process things with more speed. One thing is Poney is still renovating as she is working around how busy online is and what fittings are available, so many things are boxed up and it is taking her more time to find things. This is also why she has dropped back the store hours.

Keep in mind it is a temporary measure. Poney is looking forward to getting back to normal.

Those desperate for toys, need to put the codes/colours/sizes into an online or offline chat request. Poney will work out if she has the stock and which warehouse it's in and whether you can pick it up after hours. Poney will go above and beyond to help you out IF you put it into a chat request. Chat creates a ticketing system that groups the conversation together. Emails don't do that. Emails and phone calls are now an impossibility to manage.


Help Speed Things Up - Covid-19

Many customers place an order, then email, phone or both OFTEN; to find out when they are getting their order. Multiply this by 100 and what is happening is Poney never gets off the phone. Her finger hurts from texting. Just calm down. PLEASE stop ringing me for the address. It's all over the website. Due to the myriad of people who leave messages on my phone who talk so fast, I waste tonnes of time playing things over and over, I'm turning messages off. Just email me, so I have things in writing. Until I catch up, I won't be discussing non-order related issues such as workshops, events and modelling.

If an item is out of stock, click the "email me when this item is back in stock link". Poney will see items in demand. If she can get it, she'll get it. If you have an order and the 7 day period is up you can email her.  We do not consider an order for processing until it is fully paid for. Please note that Saturday's are hectic and I often can't answer the phone. Again, send an email or drop a text if necessary. Please try to find the information you want on the site.


International Delivery

Black Rabbit Premium Leather is an Australian based business, that ships Worldwide unless your country destination is listed under 'Banned Countries' due to our content. We ship regularly to the USA, UK, Asia and Europe. We have also had success in getting goods into South Korea.

Banned countries are those countries where we have experienced customs difficulties. Further restrictions include all countries where our stock is banned or illegal in your country. Knowing whether our goods are banned in your country is your responsibility, as each country differs greatly.

All International orders incur postage costs, which are based upon Australia Post pricing as displayed at the check out depending upon the weight of your parcel. Black Rabbit's site prices are in Australian dollars and include relevant 10% goods and services tax (GST), which is removed at checkout for International customers. Goods are services tax is often charged to customers at their end by their own government tax laws.

Some products we sell are classified as GST free by the Australian government. These goods will not provide an additional 10% discount at checkout for International customers, due to being GST free. GST free items include 'some' medical items, condoms and water-based lubricants.

Multiple delivery options for International customer postage will display at check out. Note that sea freight is only available for parcels over the weight of 2kg. If you are wanting economical sea freight shipping for heavy items, you will need to add more items to your cart to reach the 2kg minimum.

Banned Countries Due to Customs and Laws (that we know of so far)

  • Indonesia
  • Malayasia


Delivery Within Australia

All our gear is delivered by Australia Post, but Poney does have a DHL/TNT account for large and heavy orders.


In-Store Collections

If the store is open, and you have received an email from Poney letting you know your order is ready for collection, please text to make a time. If you can not make it to the store during opening hours, you can click and collect from Poney's house 1 pm to 11 pm 7 days with approval your order is there. It is essential Poney knows whether she is leaving your order at home or taking it to work for you to collect.



We are very discreet about our packaging. Parcels being sent Australia wide contain no logos or business names on our packaging. It just states BR and our PO Box address. All outgoing parcels are packed in postage satchels or plain boxes or both if we are ensuring that nobody can feel what's in the box if you have nosy neighbours or housemates.

International parcels are slightly different due to customs laws. We have to, by law place our name on the customs documentation, along with our PO Box address. We also need to list a description of goods and value.

It is the customer's responsibility to advise us if you do not receive your parcel. Poney keeps a track of all tracking numbers and names on her Australia Post phone app, so she sees when items are delivered. Please note that once we ship an item, we can't comment as to why it takes longer to deliver. Australia Post during this time is doing 2 million parcels per day. It's common that they skip scanning at some stops. So don't think it's missing. I have not lost one parcel during this entire time. You will be allocated a tracking number and you just need to look it up with the link Poney provides for you.

Postal Insurance & Lost Parcels

Customers are responsible for organising postal insurance if they feel the need to. Please contact us should you have concerns. Australia Post does not consider a parcel lost until 22 days have passed. This is so rare.  At the end of the day, we are here to help you get your gear to you in the manner you require, and we will work with you personally to do so, to the best of our ability.