Crackstuffers Australia - Anal Dildos & Depth Trainers - Deep Colon Dildos

Crackstuffers is a gay owned company from the UK, whose toys are designed by men for men. Crackstuffers’ dildos are designed to open you up slowly, smoothly and then open higher up as well.

Crackstuffers’ large blue dildos and butt plugs are soft and warm, no edges, no eye-watering ridges and made from textured blue phthalate free vinyl. I think for those who are serious and responsible about stretching in all ways, would find without a doubt that Crackstuffers have the best suited dildos for the task.

Mid 2016 onwards, all Crackstuffers shipments are made from Crackstuffers new blend of phthalate free blue vinyl. It is similar to the old mix, but just a little bit softer and more pliable. This is great news for those who appreciate the fact that they can bend a bit more now. It's hard to believe a great product could get even better... but it has!!

Note Crackstuffers site warning: Warning about fake/counterfeit Crackstuffers products from China.

July 31st 2016

Unfortunately our toys have been copied by the Chinese, who else, as they copy everything.

Users thinking they were buying the real Crackstuffers products, when in fact they were counterfeit, have alerted us to cases of internal injury.

These products from China are dangerous and toxic.

Crackstuffers DO NOT manufacture in China and never will, be careful of companies or websites purporting to do so.

Only buy Crackstuffers products directly through us, or one of our recognised retailers.

If you are uncertain email us and we can inform you of authorized retailers.

Any retailers stocking counterfeit Crackstuffers products will be mentioned on all social media, if a retailer chooses to sell counterfeit goods, one must assume all of their products are counterfeit.

Black Rabbit Premium Leather fully supports Crackstuffers in their efforts to stamp out companies who manufacture copies of their toys. If you suspect any store of selling fake products, you can report them to Crackstuffers or we are more than happy to report them to our contact at Crackstuffers for you.



Many sex shops state that it is fine to use any lube with vinyl toys, this is NOT true.

Crackstuffers products are made from a vinyl rubber and with the correct care can last for many years. Only use water based lube and silicone lube.

Do not use lubes such as Crisco, Slam Dunk, Aqueous Cream, Boy Butter etc. The oils in these products eat into the material, causing it to disintegrate.

J Lube and X Lube are fine to use.

Do not clean your Crackstuffer toys in the dishwasher, wash with cool soapy water and dry immediately.

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  • Crackstuffers Ass Spreader

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  • Crackstuffers Bulb

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  • Crackstuffers Curved Depth Trainer

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  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 30 mm

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  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 40 mm

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  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 50 mm

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  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 60 mm

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  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 70 mm

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  • Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 80 mm

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  • Crackstuffers Double Butt

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  • Crackstuffers Goose Plug

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  • Crackstuffers Ridged Expander Double Header

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  • Crackstuffers Ridged Plug

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  • Crackstuffers Rough Rider

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  • Crackstuffers Suppository

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