Bunnies & Fetish Models

The difference between models and our lab bunnies is the purpose. The purpose is either to take photos of how an item looks (modelling) or test product functionality (bunnies). In some cases, the bunnies will also be the fetish models.

A large part of our store philosophy requires us to test the toys we sell. Toy testing can be done with full time slaves, clients or customers.

The whole concept of testing, is to ensure the toys and equipment sold by Black Rabbit Premium Leather are of the highest quality and operate as they should. Secondary to this concept is the communication of such to the broader public.

This means that we will be using your words and images from our photoshoots to create our product review. It means images of you will be uploaded to blackrabbit.com.au for product display purposes. These images remain the property of Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

Unless the item is situated on your face; face shots are not necessary. However, if privacy is a real issue for you, and you do not want your images posted on a website, you are unsuitable for these kinds of photoshoots.

All persons must be local to Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Of Legal Age: In Australian laws, the variety of legislative definitions of 'child pornography' encompass material ranging from photographs of very young children being subjected to sexual assault to drawings of, and written texts about, an adult who 'appears to be under 18 years' in 'a sexual context' or 'an offensive or demeaning context' etc. Also, some laws enable criminal prosecution of teenagers above (or below) the age of consent who merely possess images of themself and/or of their partner, including spouse, taken with consent (Child Exploitation Material Laws). Due to such laws, for all photoshoots; we prefer those over the age of 20 years who have the appearance of such.

We will only accept local kinksters, no vanillas.

Scenes relating to photoshoots (if there is a scene) will be carried out by either Alex or Satet.

Alex or Satet will be the photographer, as we do not allow for others to be involved with the transfer of images of our products. Once images are processed and uploaded onto blackrabbit.com.au, you are welcome to share those images on other social networks, provided you do not remove our watermark logo. Due to the size of the original image sets, images are not provided to you on a USB, nor will they be sent over the internet or by email.

We only do point and click, logo watermark stamping and save. We may lighten/darken a photo but it ends there. If you need photos touched up, please do not apply as we do not allow photo-shopping of any products.

The decision to publish or destroy photos is Alex and Satet's alone, nor do we show participants the end results and/or selected images prior to publishing.

Insertables and pumping gear are excluded from this arragement, unless you already own the product.

We provide photoshoot participants with loyalty points that go towards future store discounts or you can purchase the product at a reduced rate.

All photoshoot participants will need to meet with us personally before being approved for a photoshoot. Interviews take around 1 hour. For all initial appointments, please email Satet (info@black-rabbit.com.au) expressing what kind of modelling shots you are prepared to do, whether you can do face shots and nudity, your age, and your limits.

Once you have been interviewed and approved for photoshoots; seach our products for images that do not currently show the product modelled on a real person. Go to the "Q&A" tab under the product. Click "Ask Question" button. Check "Is Question Private" button. Send a message to us explaining that you would like to model this product. You can apply to model as many products as you wish. It's at this point that we will email you a model release form, which you need to bring in and sign in front of Alex or Satet.

Regardless of body type or body modifications, you are encouraged to apply. Our products reflect our community.

We want you to look your best in our photos, so you can share them with friends. Alex’s camera is very powerful and therefore it will pick up anything and everything in its way. We hate to destroy photos because of something unexpected (e.g., dirty nails, dandruff, incompletely shaven armpits, unpolished boots), as all these things are amplified in our photos. So please read through the following tips from Satet. All these things should be done before you arrive.

  1. Make sure your tattoos are healed and your skin is clear
  2. Marks: marks are allowed if you are modelling cuffs and your back and butt are marked (make sure you are not bleeding though). If you are modelling a particular impact toy, your butt needs to be clear so we can mark it with the specific toy you're modelling. If you are unsure whether you can be marked to model, just ask Satet.
  3. Make up must be done before you arrive. Please note that make up is not a requirement. Sometimes natural is better. You can touch up your make-up in the bathroom that adjoins our dungeon.
  4. Body must be clean, with particular attention to clean and neat hair, beards, mo’s, noses, teeth and ears. This includes hair dye (no obvious regrowth).
  5. Ensure your body piercings are healed, and thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Nails must be clean underneath. Whether you wear polish is your choice.
  7. With genital shots, you have the option to trim, neaten or completely shave all pubic hair. We like a range of models, some shaven, some not.
  8. Your genitals must be clean (goes without saying). This is essential for cleaning around the glans for uncircumcised guys doing sounding photos.
  9. Females need a nice pair of shoes, unless the product suits bare feet.
  10. Guys make sure your boots are shined and in good order.
  11. Do not turn up drunk or high, or with alcohol or drugs to consume whilst here.
  12. You are ultimately responsible for those who accompany you for the shoot. Interferring behaviour by you or your support team, will see your session cancelled.
  13. Please refrain from telling Alex how to do his job, regardless of how much experience you believe you have.

Our dungeon has air-conditioning but no windows; only double doors which are closed for photo sessions due to lighting. Therefore,underarm deodorant is a must, but please no excessive perfume. Poppers are definately prohibited. Please do not smoke directly outside our double dungeon doors as the air fans inside suck the smoke into the room. A designated area for smokers is situated out the back.