Urethral Sounding Guide: Purchase, Procedure & Safety

At the end of October 2015, I delivered a CBT workshop for Brisbane Leather Pride, which composed mainly of urethral sounding, ball kicking and ballstretching. I selected these fetishes because they are some of my favourites and also because they are often done incorrectly, particularly urethral sounding.

As promised to the participants of my workshop, here you will find my step by step instructions for urethral sounding, that I gave on the day.

The Urethra

The urethra carries urine and semen to the outside world. The urethra in males approx 8” long. It emerges from the bladder (urethral sphincter), and then passes through the prostate gland (like a straw would if you were holding it in your fist) and ends at the urethral meatus opening.

The Prostate

The prostate is a chestnut-shaped organ located directly beneath the bladder, surrounding the urethra. It is approximately one and one half inches in diameter at its broadest point. The two ejaculatory ducts from the seminal vesicles converge with the prostate, uniting with the urethra at the same point. Prostate fluids, sperm, and fluids produced in the vas deferens and seminal vesicles are all mixed at this point.

The prostate contributes somewhere around 30% of the total fluid volume of semen. Most guys enjoy prostate stimulation, and the sensation of contraction felt in the prostate region during orgasm.

Why Would Guys Stick a Urethral Sound Down Their Dick

  • Deep sounding can stimulate the prostate, similar to anal play.
  • You can stimulate the urethra internally with urethral sounds and externally with masturbation at the same time. Does this sound like the bomb or what!
  • You can cum from urethral sounding alone, by stimulating the prostate or through masturbation with a penis plug, which is why they make cum-through plugs that you can jack off with.

Basic Pointers

  • Sounds are designed to go into a urethra, never the bladder. The only thing that should ever enter the bladder is a sterile catheter (which can be purchased from Black Rabbit Premium Leather).
  • Most urethral sounds are made of silicone, chrome or stainless steel. Stainless steel are the most common. Cheap silicone sounds often have a horrid seam along the sides (beware of buying cheap silicone sounds from Extreme Restraints, which can aggravate the urethra, and chrome does not keep the nice condition that stainless steel does over the years. I despise Extreme Restraints urethral sounds, they are the worst I’ve ever come across.
  • If you are wanting soft or firm safe silicone, try our range of silicone, with Oxballs at the top being softer and our new KIOTIS range, which can be inserted into chastity devices comfortably and stay put and curve into them, there are plenty of options on today’s market..
  • Poney is highly advanced at urethral sounds design and play. She can help you with your journey at the start, and to progress to advanced levels. Her in store advice is always free, so long as she is not already with customers. If you are wanting Poney to answer specifics, may I suggest you ask a question under Q&A tab for each indivudual product that you have a question for.
  • Sounds come in variety of widths and lengths. The shorter Hegars are actually cervical dilators (hence the more rounded tips). The thinner diameter sizes 5mm to 12mm, are perfectly fine for male urethral sounding. Hegars being cervical dilators, explains why some Hegar kits include massive diameter sounds over 17mm (as they were never meant to go down your dick). So, unless you practice urethral sounding on both males and females, buying a large Hegar kit is overkill. I recommend a 6mm Hegar sound for most beginner males or a 6mm Dittle urethral sound for deep sounding. That is a great starting point.
  • Older sounds are often marked in size French (Fr) or (ch) which is 1/3 of a millimetre. So a size 12 French is actually 4 mm in diameter. Most sounds these days are marked in millimetres. Make sure you are aware of this before you buy. I’ve included a chart for guys who have purchased sounds in French and wish to now buy in mm and are unsure what size they are up to. Please see my French Catheter Scale below for this purpose.

French Catheter Scale

French Scale to mm

  • If buying a full sounds set, don’t use the 3mm and under sizes as they can “puncture” the urethra. Some guys have medical problems with keeping their urethra open and smaller sizes can be useful to them. However a 0mm is just the shaft. I wish manufacturers wouldn’t include 0mm and 1mm in kits as they are not only useless but dangerous. However, if we remove them from the kits, customers question why we have 2 empty spots.
  • Sometimes urethral sounds will have a 9mm engraved on them, but they will measure with digital verniers as an 8mm. Poney always sells them inline with her digital measurements. It doesn’t happen often, where the wrong number gets put on a sound but it definitely happens from time to time. So don’t return a sound thinking we made an error.
  • Straight sounds are best for a beginner (Dittle Urethral Sounds and Rosebud Urethral Sounds). Rosebud sounds are actually bile duct dilators (also known as Bakes Bile Duct Dilators). When buying Rosebuds, check the quality of the tips and shafts. There are many cheap manufacturers out there today making atrocious sounds. With Rosebuds, sometimes only the tips are smooth but the shafts are rough and that will cause trauma to the urethra. Black Rabbit Premium Leather has a wonderful array of quality stainless steel urethral sounds for sale, but we’ve had to work through many manufacturers to get to the quality we have today. We are also increasing our sounds sets to include all styles. If you want to play on the safe side, the safest style for beginners are Dittle Urethral Sounds.
  • I’m getting rid of all the deluxe sounds with the etched score across the centre, as they are not deemed safe and practical by Poney. I see no point in having products that can cause any aggravation to the urethral lining whatsoever.
  • If you’re sounding when flaccid, you can use straight or curved sounds. If you’re sounding when hard, it’s best to use straight sounds or silicone sounds. Just remember that silicone sounds are not designed to penetrate the bladder (only sterile catheters).
  • Invest in a proper quality stainless steel sound for urethral sounding. Don’t shove random shit from around the house: thermometers, pencils, pen refills, chopsticks, sticks, toothbrushes, wires, into your dick.
  • [highlight background=”#333″ color=”#fff”]NEVER[/highlight] poke cord/wire/chain into your urethra. It may enter the bladder & curl and knot, making it impossible to remove and the phthalate chemicals that make wires pliable, can irritate the urethra.
  • [highlight background=”#333″ color=”#fff”]NEVER[/highlight] stick small objects (ball-bearings etc) into your dick. Persistent retrieval attempts of small objects in the urethra may cause the object to fragment, which can compromise erectile function if objects become wedged. If you can’t remove it painlessly – seek professional medical help immediately. Don’t be embarrassed to call emergency; urologists have seen it all before.
  • [highlight background=”#333″ color=”#fff”]NEVER[/highlight] hit the cock with a flogger, cane, flick it etc whilst its hard with a sound in it. This action can rupture fragile urethral tissue and whilst the dick is full of blood it results in spurting large amounts of blood. Key to reducing spurting blood is to get rid of the erection (tea towel with ice) and remove sound. The bleeding should subside within the hour.
  • 99% of guys who I’ve spoken to, who have had issues with urethral sounding didn’t use the right lube or the right sound, had a possibly pitted sound or didn’t sterilise their sound properly.
  • Want to have sex with plug in? Use flexible silicone to bend with the body, unless you are highly experienced and know and understand normal sensations during urethral sounding versus unusual or painful sensations. Having sex with a stainless steel penis plug inserted, can increase the chance of puncturing the urethral wall. So long as you know the difference between how it should feel, and how it’s currently feeling, so you can stop when it doesn’t feel right.
  • Remove sound before you cum (unless you’re using a cum-through style plug), that has a hollow core.

We Now Sell Catheters 12F up to 22F

  • We now sell not only sterile catheters but the syringes to go with them, plus saline bottles and piss leg bags and underpads so you don’t make a mess. If you require catheter training, write to Poney. Our catheters are unisex and therefore suitable for women and men, and they are sterile. They are a one use item. Please ensure you have sufficient medical training to play at that level and keep the area SUPER clean. I recommend Pjur

The Importance of Lube

  • Don’t introduce bacteria via lube into the urethra; always use water based sterile lube sachets to prevent infection.
  • Do not use lube that contains nonoxynol-9 or flavoured lube as both irritate the urethra.
  • Never sterilise your sounds in hand sanitiser or use hand sanitiser as a lube as it will irritate the urethra.
  • Never use oil-based lube as it’s hard to expel afterwards and encourages the build up of microbes and results in infection.
  • Never use saliva as urethral lube.
  • Using anaesthetic lube all the time is overkill. You only keep that handy in case you get stuck. It’s important that you remain aware of pain, in case something is wrong – especially when stretching.

Urethral Sounding Procedure

  • Sterilise sounds before you stick them in your dick – even when new. They aren’t cleaned from the factory when they get to you… just remember that! Unless an item comes in a sterile sealed bag with a use by date, you need to sterilise it. I also do not recommend cleaning sounds with alcohol swabs as residue may irritate the urethra.
  • The urethra is both sensitive and delicate and can be easily damaged so go gentle.
  • Wash your dick with antibacterial soap to remove most external microbes. You don’t want to be bringing what’s outside, inside!
  • Create a clean field to do your sounding on. I use underpads. I only sell the underpads that are covered on all 4 sides.
  • Wash your sound and sterilise it with either Pjur Med Spray or better still get yourself some Mister B Clean, which sterilises metal, leather, rubber, all your toys regardless of what they are made of. I use hospital grade disinfectant like Viraclean on whatever play equipment you are on, leaving it on for 10 minutes, before wiping it clean.
  • Wash the end of your dick thoroughly with Pjur med Spray. Be mindful that residual household cleaning fluids can irritate your urethra.
  • Wash your hands with hot water and anti-bacterial soap before handling your urethral sound. I use surgical gloves for extra protection when sounding others. Keep in mind our latex gloves have far more flexibility than nitrile. I’m making up small packs of gloves, see Poney if you are wanting small quantities.
  • Clean around your pisshole (meatus) with some Pjur Med Spray that don’t sting or aggravate your urethra. As alcohol swabs will irritate your pisshole before you’ve even begun.
  • Choose a 5-6mm Hegar single ended sound, or a double ended Hegar urethral sound, and work up over time to a comfortable resistance fit. It’s too early to be stretching if you’re new to sounds. Firstly, you need to understand the after effects of what gentle sounding feels like so you can later compare it to the after effects of stretching.
  • Lube the first seven inches of your sound and put some lubricant on your pisshole.
  • At first, don’t let go of the sound once inserted.
  • Gently guide your sound into the urethra using its own weight, no force, just gravity. You let the sound find its way in.
  • Consciously relax your PC muscles (PC muscles form the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs).
  • If using an angled sound, when you get to the 4” mark, your sound may rotate and pull itself down into your dick, which is normal.
  • Once the sound stops, just relax and experience the sensations.
  • Try moving it gently 2cm at a time in and out or twirl it slowly (or both).
  • After a couple of minutes re-lube your sound to prevent friction in your urethra.
  • If you loose grip and drop the sound totally in (particularly if well endowed), don’t panic and relax as the sound will usually come out naturally. If it doesn’t, find the base of the sound inside your dick or perineum and push up from there.
  • Wait until your erection subsides before removing a sound with a defined curve, like a Hanks or Pratt sound.
  • Try to piss straight after you’ve finished to clean out bacteria and residues of lube that may result in infection if left a while.

Deep Urethral Sounding

I personally believe it’s best to wait and gain the knowledge of what the after effects of gentle sounding feels like, before using any force whatsoever. However, some guys will ignore that, so I’m covering it.

As mentioned the prostate surrounds the urethra like a fist around a straw and lays next to the bladder. Deep sounding requires you to go deep into the urethra, and up against the prostate (see picture below), but not enter the actual bladder. You want to be in the vicinity of the (Taint/Perineum/Gouche – call this area what you will) which is the area between your nutsack and butt hole. Some people have that area pieced (Guiche piercings). Some guys like to massage this external area whilst deep sounding for added stimulation.

Prostate Urethral Sounding

  • If going deeper, you may require a little more “gentle” force which may be uncomfortable. At this point you might feel pressure and a burning sensation which is normal.
  • To go deeper with your sound, you need to experiment with the right angle of your dick to your body for the sound to pass past the base of your dick.
  • Once the sound has hit resistance at the base you may have struck the opening to the bladder (i.e., urethral sphincter). DON’T keep pushing against the urethral sphincter, as you do not want to enter the bladder.
  • For prostate milking (Dittles are great for this) insert the most comfy largest sound you can take (not curved sound) past the base of the penis into the perineum, so the tip of the sound is approximately 1-2″ below the scrotum. Move the sound back and forth, like a rocking motion, to press on the prostate whilst gently massaging the outside of the perineum. Some guys use Rosebud sounds for this. Rosebuds are great but are not as safe as Dittles. All a matter of choice.
  • Gently trial different positions by raising and lowering your dick to encourage deeper insertion. If you hit the bladder, you’ll feel sharp pain so pull back a bit as you’ve gone too far.

Urethral Sounding Risks and Trauma

  1. Slight burning/tingling when peeing for a few hours or even a couple of days is normal, as is a tiny bit of blood (if new to sounding). Urinary Alkalinisers (Ural sachets) can help improve symptoms such as stinging. You can buy Ural at your local chemist. If the burning feeling sticks around for more than a few days – go see the doctor.
  2. Any discharge, fever, or cramping – see a doctor.
  3. Continued burning sensations with future play, may be the lube you’re using, the fact you’ve gone too big, as this discomfort should diminish with time and practice and the correct sized sound. It could also be that the sound you are using is pitted (see my post on never bleaching your metal).
  4. Extra drips of urine after sounding can be a side effect of stretching the meatus and glans passage. After pissing, about half a teaspoon is left inside the urethra and this may leak out if the meatus is quite stretched. It’s not common though. I’ve read about it, but out of all the guys I know into sounds, none have told me they have this issue.
  5. Sharp pain stop immediately – especially if the pain is coming from the sounds tip. You may have created a false passage (see below).

Urethral Strictures

Urethral Strictures

(Injury, instrumentation or infection) can cause minor tearing and/or scarring of the urethra resulting in a stricture.
Stricture is the narrowing of the urethra – It can be moderate to total obstruction.
If moderate you may not show the symptoms… harder to piss.
The key to urinary stricture is weak piss stream. Also piss frequency, urgency, straining to urinate, uti’s, inability to empty bladder, splaying of the urinary stream.
Although dilation is one treatment for strictures, you need to see a Urologist if you have these symptoms. Just keep in mind if you have been sounding for years, had a bad experience once, and for some reason you can’t get your normal sized sound half way down your dick… you may have caused some trauma with your previous experience. Always be gentle. If you live in Brisbane and need a doctor who is open to your kinks, I can recommend one.

Image: Urethral stricture types

Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs (introduction of bacteria – usually E. coli) can be mild to severe. Emphasise clean sterile lube/clean sounds.
The most common UTI is cystitis, which is an infection of the bladder (where urine is stored). Other UTIs involve the urethra (urethritis) or kidneys (pyelonephritis).

UTI Symptoms

  • Stinging or burning when passing urine.
  • Passing very small amounts of urine.
  • Feeling the need or ‘urge’ to pass urine frequently.
  • Feeling that the bladder is still full after passing urine.
  • Smelly, cloudy, dark or bloody urine.
  • Pain low down in the abdomen or in the lower back or sides.
  • Feeling unwell with nausea and fever.


  • A urine sample is necessary to test for infection.
  • Antibiotics are used to treat the infection. You should take the full course even if you are feeling better, as some bacteria may still be active.
  • Ural


Build up of dead and infected organic matter, usually caused by urinary trauma combined with an infection, and which can lead to further trauma and infection. (e.g. non sterilised sound, non sterilised oil based lube, reinsertion previously used sounds in your session without sterilising them again first).

False passage

When your sound goes through the urethral membrane wall. Particularly when forcing it downward too hard or being too rough. This can lead to urethral strictures, bleeding and infections. Sounding when on drugs is not a good idea as you may apply more force than normal.


Sounding can increase risk of prostatitis. Prostatitis is basically an infection or inflammation (no sign of infection) of the prostate. Just 5% to 10% of cases are caused by bacterial infection. The primary symptom of chronic infectious prostatitis is usually repeated bladder infections that continue for more than 3 months.

If you are prone to UTIs or prostatitis urethral sounding is not the activity for you.

Sounds Care

Silicone Sounds

  • Silicone Sounds can be washed in dishwashing liquid/antibacterial soap and then rinse.
  • Then disinfect in 10% bleach solution or Mister B Clean as per the instructions on the bottle, rinse thoroughly and let dry. Always clean before and after.

Metal Sounds

  • You wash sounds after use and sterilise sounds after and before use.
  • Wash off unclean surface debris with a ph neutral detergent or antibacterial soap.
  • Once the urethral sound is clean of dust, cum, debris (lube), I submerge my sounds in a catheter tray or kidney bowl in Mister B Clean, then rinse, wipe with lint free cloth, and I’m ready to go. Viraclean will sterilise your sound. I don’t spray the Viraclean on, I empty some into the bowl. Keep in mind that if you’re getting a kidney bowl, you’ll need the large size to fit a sound in. If you’re buying Pjur Med Wipes, I find they last longer (keep their wetness) if you also keep them sealed in a snap lock bag.
  • Never use an abrasive brush to clean metal.
  • Do not use bleach – it’s high ph will stain, corrode or cause pitting on the surface of metal (even quality stainless).
  • Ordinary tap water contains minerals that can cause discoloration and staining – its best to rinse with distilled water and dry straight after. If you don’t have distilled water, dry your sound straight after rinsing.
  • Never place sounds in saline solution as it may cause corrosion and eventually irreversible pitting.
  • Minimise the time instruments are exposed to high temperatures – some say boil sounds in a low rolling boil for 5 mins. Boiling does NOT sterilise equipment.
  • Sounds can get damaged whilst sitting in a rolling boil. So long as you realise it can damage chrome plated sounds and scratch other materials. Also, some bacteria and viruses are resistant to boiling temperature within the 5 minute suggested boiling time. You need pressurised steam to kill all viruses and bacteria. Unless you have an autoclave, the highest level cold sterilising fluid is Viraclean, but it’s use is predominantly for cleaning play furniture and not the best solution to soak metal in. So Mister B Clean is best.
  • As soon as the item is exposed to air, it’s no longer sterile so sterilise your sound just before you use it to minimise risk.

Lastly, please feel comfortable in asking questions of both myself or Alex. We both want you to enjoy your sounding experience. Keep in mind that we sell sounds and penis plugs for the beginner up to the seriously advanced. Start out with a simple sound and work up. We are also happy to put together a kit for you made up of all kinds of different sounds.

Workshops and private urethral sounding sessions are available with Poney upon request.

In the case of an emergency, you can contact Poney on 0417 078 438 for advice if available, and she will open up the shop for you to assist with whatever you’ve done. Please don’t come to me with cuts from using chopsticks, sticks, glow sticks and non traditional or well designed toys for urethral play. Using dumb things in your dick, is bound to cause problems.

If you are not totally confident, just write to Poney and she’ll organise a workshop.


Poney is the owner of Black Rabbit Premium Leather, and has been part of the public BDSM community in Brisbane for just under 20 years. Poney is also a Dominatrix, teaches, mentors and operates all functions of her store fulltime. All existing customers can book private appointments outside of opening hours at night. These private appointments are scheduled around store administration and postage. Poney also has a great love of the environment and ethically sourced leather and tails. She is currently working on a 5-year green building plan for the current store, which is her forever home for Black Rabbit.

Poney has 97 posts and counting. See all posts by Poney

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    Ironically I enjoy sliding steel ball bearings up my urethra. I drop them into a condom with some lube in it. I then put the condom on the tip of my penis and slide them inside one by one. Eventually they will drop down to the prostate and if I lie on my back and gently pretend to pee they fall into my bladder. I can then walk around with them moving inside me.


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