The Black Rabbit Story

Forever Evolving

Black Rabbit Premium Leather is proudly owned and operated by Poney.

What Makes Black Rabbit Different From Sex Shops?

Black Rabbit Australia is a bondage store that sells the best the World has to offer when it comes to fetish clothing and high-quality gear and toys*, the bigger and more bizarre the better. Poney has stuck with her winning supply team combining 150 brands from Australia, Netherlands, United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Thailand and Pakistan just to name a few, and she is excited to be carrying Russia's Maskulo brand this Christmas. Poney is particularly proud to announce Black Rabbit as a Mister B Shop-in-Shop, as Mister B has definitely been one of Poney's favourite brands.

Knowing which products to sell and why is what Poney prides herself on. This educational importance is the cornerstone of Black Rabbit. We love explaining to customers why our products are superior, how to use them properly and what customers can achieve with continual use. It is super rewarding being part of our customer's kink, and it's the driving force behind Poney's continual motivation to create better gear, year after year.

Poney pulls her educational knowledge together from personal study, private play, product testing groups, modelling and her 11-year history as a professional Dominatrix along with 20 years experience in the Brisbane BDSM community. Although Poney reviews all her toys, she also rewards customers who buy and review toys *$20.00 per toy under our loyalty program which earns you 1000 points per honest review which is a huge success.

These factors, along with fantastic customer service and a love of our Australian kink community, plus a continual powerful online presence is what brought us to your door and why you're reading this now.

To all Black Rabbit customers... thank you so much for your continued support. If I haven't met you in-store yet, I hope to meet you in the near future.

Poney Quarterzarne