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665 Leather

665 Leather Australia - Neoprene Gear - Cock & Ball - Enema Equipment

665 Leather and Neoprene Gear and Clothing.

665 Leather Hollywood is one of our favourite brands, so if you can’t find it please ask, as we are stocking everything and no doubt haven’t loaded it yet.

We are working closely with 665 Leather over the coming months on stocking allot of their wonderful leather and neoprene gear. If there is anything you are chasing that we haven't got online yet, please ask Alex to get it in for you.

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  • 665 Cock and Ball Glove

    SKU: J0031

    Out of stock

  • 665 Neoprene Bulldog Harness

    SKU: MBC099
  • 665 Neoprene Bulldog Harness

    SKU: MBC152

    Regular Price: $212.00

    Now $178.00

  • 665 Neoprene Confinement Hood

    SKU: MBH074
  • 665 Neoprene Drop Down Strap

    SKU: J0003
  • 665 Neoprene Grooved Harness Cock Ring

    SKU: J0010

    Out of stock

  • 665 Neoprene Panel Hood With Pinholes Eyes and Mouth

    SKU: MBH064

    Out of stock

  • 665 Neoprene Sleep Sack

    SKU: J0001

    Out of stock

  • 665 Ultimate Neoprene Lock Out Hood

    SKU: J0011

    Out of stock

  • 665 Universal Neoprene Plug Adapter

    SKU: J0032

    Out of stock

  • CellMate App Controlled Chastity Device

    SKU: LA0218

    Out of stock

  • Chainmail Collar

    SKU: J0030

    Out of stock

  • Neoprene Hood Eyes and Mouth

    SKU: MBH001
  • Thick Neoprene Cockring

    SKU: MBCB0026

    Out of stock

14 Item(s)

per page