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Australian Leatherman (ALM) This Weekend:

Scotty Lovegrove, Black Rabbit Premium Leather is so very proud to sponsor you for our Queensland representative for Australian Mister Leather this weekend. Thank you for all your support this year, thank you for being you! Your happy positive spirit shines on to all those around you, and you are a true leader packed with as much charisma and kindness, as muscle. I'm so excited for you, and we'll be all thinking of you all weekend.  We are behind you all the way! You deserve this. I'm working with Dylan tonight, and will pull together a nice shoot of new gear we have in yellow just for you :) Massive tight bear hug, Poney, Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

To all our customers, who are curious about the dedication our local leathermen have for their community, in raising awareness and fund raising for multiple charities, you can check out Australian Leathermen and Boot Co. There are so many organisations all so closely networked in Brisbane, it's an amazing energy to be connected to. If you wish to donate money towards us getting Scotty to IML this year, you can contact Poney on info@blackrabbit.com.au.

Mister B Leather, Rubber & Neoprene:

Many of our local boys have headed down to Sydney for this competition and the spin off of parties from it and to meet each other. The lead up to Mardi Gras this year has been planned with us, in conjunction with Mister B's ramp up of gear. The shop has so much unbelievable Mister B gear in store now, it looks amazing. Photoshoots will commence tonight, but if you are looking for great gear for Mardi Gras, call us on 0450 515 956 or drop in to the store. It will blow your mind what we have available.

Q. Why isn't it all online. Excellent question. NBN has got slower and slower every month in store. It's that bad in store that our POS system struggles to work and we find it hard sometimes to pull our own website up. It's been a really hard last 2 yeas, but this year has been so bad, Poney went to her local member. This has had a dramatic impact on Poney, getting gear loaded and getting anything updated on our website.

We are currently waiting on our move over to our own dedicated fibre optic line, which means we will finally get all our gear online quick, and we'll be back on track. At the moment, it's taking about 2 hours per product, hence why Poney is trying to get stuff on using her own NBN at home, which like most neighbourhoods, has got slower and slower each month. Our new fibre optic provider will have our line HOPEFULLY done and dusted within 20-70 days. Will keep you posted. Basically, when tonnes of gear appears in our new gear area, you'll know we got our fibre optic line. We'll have a massive party to celebrate that, as it's been such a massive issue.

In the meantime, we are getting all the new gear up on the shelves and rails and taking pics tonight with our in-house photographer and will hit social media with a BANG!

Opening Hours:

Mondays Open 11am till 6.30pm.

Tuesday Open 11am till 6.30pm.

Wednesday Open 11am till 6.30pm.

Thursday Open 11am till 9pm.

Friday 11am till 6.30pm.

Saturday Open 11am till 4pm.

Outside hours appointments (after work) call Poney on 0417 078 438. Poney is more than happy to open the shop for private appointments, or group appointments after hours.

Click here to locate our physical shop.


Mister B Arriving This Week:

Mister B has arrived in store. We have a tonne of clothing now. Stay tuned for our mass photoshoot of the new renovated store. If you are chasing anything in particular size off their website misterb.com let us know as we may already have it, but not loaded it yet (but can still sell it), or we can pop it in our next months order. If buying colours or sizes, on their site please click on the colour and size you want, and then send us the code as each colour and size has its own code.


Overseas Payment: Overseas customers please note that your orders can not be processed without the payment of postage. Note that in most cases the actual price you pay at checkout is reduced due to the removal of our Australian Goods and Services Tax. Some medical items are already GST free. Best way to see savings is to have an account, log in prior to purchasing and go to checkout after you enter and save your address details.

Expensive Shipping International Heavy Items: If you are struggling with getting heavy items to NZ, USA, or Europe, I suggest you aim for sea freight. It may take 30 days, but it's half the price, and sometimes you'll get it much quicker than the 30 day period stated by Australia Post.

Guys buying saline in NZ, US and UK. I'm finding that the actual costs of shipping heavy gear varies, and sometimes I will refund you the difference of postage paid versus actual postage charged to us. If this is the case, we will write to you personally and let you know what amount will be refunded.

Note that we do not send parcels out on a Saturday as couriers do not work Saturdays.

Mardi Gras Is Upon Us!

Just about to do Mister B's order. If you are looking for any Mister B items, please call the store, as we either will have it in store, or will put it in our current order. We stock all Mister B gear, just go to misterb.com, select item including colour/size and provide us with the 6 digit code on Mister B's site. Mister B gear arrives monthly, however the more gear ordered, the quicker we get it in. Note that some leather pants take a few weeks to make (sometimes).

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0450 515 956 Tuesdays and Fridays. Extended trading hours will kick in March. Poney is considering a 24hour store. If this is something you would like to happen, write to us and voice your opinion.

Our Review System

Hopefully, all our customers are aware that if you have an account you accrue loyalty points with Black Rabbit Premium Leather. You need to be logged into the site before ordering to make use of this fabulous tool including wishlist ability. Whilst customers earn points for what they buy, many customers are unaware that they can earn up to 1000 points per product review. Whilst our basic sign up points may equal 200 points, product reviews can earn up to 1000 points. You wont be able to review anything that you didn't buy from us. We do not care what name you call yourself in your review. What is important is that your review is honest. Check out our Loyalty Points page and Product Review page for full information.

The email address you use in your review, is only ever seen by Poney in the backend, so she can allocate you bonus loyalty points to your account. The more you write the more points you get. The public or other customers can not see your email address. So please support a great Australian company, by helping our community understand the suitability of toys in comparison to others.

Our New Gift Certificates

Some customers have already seen these, but for those who have not seen them, check out our facebook page.