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Using Mobile Number In Store Instead of Name

Any customers wanting to use their mobile number in store at checkout instead of their name, just advise Poney, and she'll set that up for you. Customers can also add a business address should their gear be a tax deduction. Again, just speak to Poney next time you come in.


Incoming Stock

Saturday 21st April 2018 - Open Till Late

Call 0450 515 956 to see if Poney is still open by the time you want to swing by.


Incoming Stock

LA Pump Update

April 19, 2018, 9:32 pm
Processed Through Regional Facility
Boxes have been processed through USPS LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER facility on April 19, 2018 at 9:32 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.


Product Testing

We have quite a few huge cylinders from years ago that would suit advanced pumpers only as they are super huge cylinders. Poney is doing testing with saline shaft transfusions and then trialling water pumping to see how we go with this. Guys who are out there pumping with LA Pump, love to see some pics, or get you guys to come along to a pumping group to discuss how you have been going. Yes I encourage guys to send dick shots to me personally so I can assess whether you've a) bought the right cylinder or b) whether your dick shape requires a different size cylinder. This is not a sexual conversation for Poney, it's technical and all I want to see is you overcome sexual dysfunction and/or get a bigger dick for your own wellbeing. I'm always here to help you.

Note: Never use water with the LA Pump hand pump with pressure guage. Those red pumps we sell are for air pumping only. Mister B have a hand pump that is suitable for water pumping and will go with LA Pump cylinders, and they are in stock, should you want to give something new a go.


Holy Trainer V3

Close Off For Orders: Holy Trainer have upgraded their Holy Trainer to a V3 in new colours and sizes. If you are wanting a Holy Trainer, Poney will have new pricing available soon. Shipping from Switzerland is horrendous, so depending on demand for certain colours, Poney will look at what is possible Please just shoot an email off to poney@blackrabbit.com.au.

Those guys who need rings for the older version, let me know as I'm checking in with them, to see if they have any left. Due to the Euro, and price hikes, Holy Trainer prices have gone up quite a lot.

In Store Estimated Time of Arrival: Depends upon demand due to Euro.


Out of Stock Products

If a product is out of stock, Skout in our warehouse, wont be able to help with that, but Poney can, by emailing her on poney@blackrabbit.com.au or 0450 515 956. If Poney is home loading and updating products, the staff will either a) call me and I'll update it for you or b) give you my personal number to call her directly. Poney is MORE than happy to help all our customers.

NBN has been a major contributing factor to massive setbacks with stock, along with our new stock system. The stock system is getting sorted, but the internet issues will continue till May. There is nothing we can do about that. Everything that has been done, has been put in place and in May, our catalogue range will double with the backlog.

So there is a tonne of stock in store. We just can't get it online. Keep in mind due to currency increases, most of the out of stock prices online, may not be the same once they come back in to stock. There is nothing any Australian business can do about our dollar, compared to other currencices. Poney is prioritising what she's asked for, wherever possible. Rather than come into the shop 3 times a week, please just email poney@blackrabbit.com.au the codes of the products you are wanting and she will prioritise it for you.

Due to the fact it's taking a ridiculous 2-3 hours to currenty load products on our site at the shop, and we have a backlog of so many to load, no new products beyond what we already have in the shop presently, will be brought into the country until after May, and we've caught up, then we'll be back on track with loads of new gear.

Just know we have a tonne of stock - existing and new, and it's definitely worthwhile coming in.


Scott Lovegrove

2018 International Mr. Leather (IML) Chicago:

Scotty Lovegrove, Black Rabbit Premium Leather is so very proud to have sponsored you as our Queensland representative for Australian Mister Leather and so proud of all you've achieved to place 3rd in the competition. Black Rabbit is now celebrating sponsoring Scotty alongside Scotty's major sponsor Mister B. Mister B have been very kind to donate one of their awesome Bear Harnesses, Skin Head Boots, T-Shirts, Socks and Laces in support of Scotty heading off to 2018 International Mr. Leather (IML) in Chicago this year. If you'd like to help Poney get this awesome bear over to the States for this event, let us know how you can help.

One thing we are looking for is to find a suitable warehouse for the boys to run their car wash at, which raises money to help. If you have a suitable warehouse that cars can drive in to, please let Poney know about it, so she can let the boys know.

To all our customers, who are curious about the dedication our local leathermen have for their community, in raising awareness and fund raising for multiple charities, you can check out Australian Leathermen and Boot Co. There are so many organisations all so closely networked in Brisbane, it's an amazing energy to be connected to. If you wish to donate money towards us getting Scotty to IML this year, you can contact Poney on info@blackrabbit.com.au.

Mister B Leather, Rubber & Neoprene:

Many of our local boys have headed down to Sydney for this competition and the spin off of parties from it and to meet each other. The lead up to Mardi Gras this year has been planned with us, in conjunction with Mister B's ramp up of gear. The shop has so much unbelievable Mister B gear in store now, it looks amazing. Photoshoots will commence tonight, but if you are looking for great gear for Mardi Gras, call us on 0450 515 956 or drop in to the store. It will blow your mind what we have available.

Click here to locate our physical shop and view opening hours.


Mister B Has Arrived!:

Mister B has arrived in store. We have a tonne of clothing now and tonnes of new awesome anal dildos. Stay tuned for our mass photoshoot of the new renovated store. If you are chasing anything in particular size off their website misterb.com let us know as we may already have it, but not loaded it yet (but can still sell it), or we can pop it in our next months order. If buying colours or sizes, on their site please click on the colour and size you want, and then send us the code as each colour and size has its own code.


Overseas Payment: Overseas customers please note that your orders can not be processed without the payment of postage. Note that in most cases the actual price you pay at checkout is reduced due to the removal of our Australian Goods and Services Tax. Some medical items are already GST free, so there is no discount for those. Best way to see savings is to have an account, log in prior to purchasing and go to checkout after you enter and save your address details. We now have seafreight options for heavy gear, so this will save you lots in postage.

Note that we do not send parcels out on a Saturday as couriers do not work Saturdays.


Our Review System

Hopefully, all our customers are aware that if you have an account you accrue loyalty points with Black Rabbit Premium Leather. You need to be logged into the site before ordering to make use of this fabulous tool including wishlist ability. Whilst customers earn points for what they buy, many customers are unaware that they can earn up to 1000 points per product review. Whilst our basic sign up points may equal 200 points, product reviews can earn up to 1000 points. You wont be able to review anything that you didn't buy from us. We do not care what name you call yourself in your review. What is important, is that your review is honest. Check out our Loyalty Points page and Product Review page for full information.

The email address you use in your review, is only ever seen by Poney in the backend, so she can allocate your bonus loyalty points to your account. The more you write the more points you get. So please support a great Australian company, by helping our community understand the suitability of toys in comparison to others. Whether you want to share your fisting lube recipies or the quality of a toy.


Our New Gift Certificates

Some customers have already seen these, but for those who have not seen them, check out our facebook page.