Product Reviews

Only registered customers who have purchased a particular product from our store, and whom are logged into our system at the time, can review a product they purchased.

Our reviews are covered under 3 tabs below each product. If we have a video, we include that as well. Although we are not permitted to display porn content, whether it has educational value or not, due to PayPal restrictions.

Satet's Review Tab: Satet aka Poney Quarterzarne is the owner of Black Rabbit, and she bases her reviews on her 10 years of experience as a Professional Dominatrix and they are short, sweet, blunt and to the point. Satet reviews most, if not all toys - eventually). Satet has experience with a great range of toys and situations, anatomy differences etc. Satet's reviews cover quite a lot of detail including measurements, weights, functionality and comparisons to other similar products.Sometimes Satet does not agree with a manufacturers review, and she's normally 99.9% correct. If you find an error please let her know and we'll give you some loyalty points for pointing the error out.

Reviews Tab: These are our customer reviews. Our customers can leave simple to very detailed reviews.

Description Tab: This is the manufacturer's review, which can sometimes have a sale's pitch feel to it. Sometimes manufacturers don't actually say anything about their products, and Satet puts in a few words (as the system will not accept an empty description).

Q&A Tab: If you are wanting additional information about a product, please click on the Q&A tab and leave a question, and Satet will answer it as quick as possible.

Both "Satet's Review" and "Reviews" (customer reviews) are 100% genuine. As customer reviews help other customers make the right choice when they buy from us, we award our customers with discounts for reviews. Having different perspectives is essential to understanding a product. We respect all customer reviews. The more you write and share information about your toy, the more loyalty points you earn. We increased our loyalty points for reviews on the 10th June 2017, in hope that more customers will get involved with our reviews, and help us to promote our store's great toys and clothing range. You can call yourself whatever name you want in your review, but our system will know in the backend who you are, but not others.

Review Loyalty Points

Although customers can review any product of any value, products need to be $30.00 or more to earn loyalty points.

Leaving a review for a product over the value of $30.00, can earn you up to 1000 points per review on a tiered system.

30 points for a one sentence review.

50 points for 2 sentence review.

250 points for one paragraph (3 sentences).

500 points for two paragraphs (6 sentences).

750 points for three paragraphs (9 sentences).

1000 points for four paragraphs or more (12 sentences).

We would go broke pretty quickly if we gave out 1000 loyalty points for products under $30.00 with a 3 word review. Although we appreciate any comments on our products.

Our system awards those who explain the quality of the product, ease of use, and compare their purchase to other similar products (if possible). Those who go out of their way to provide personal first hand experience and educational knowledge about a product, are awarded for this effort. So get writing and share your experience, as it helps fellow kinksters. For example, if you buy J-Lube and know a great recipe, share it if you have bought J-Lube. If you have mixed two different lubes together, and it worked really well for big toys or anal fisting, share it with others. People are highly interested in reading genuine information, without marketing fluff.

There are far too many sites that write fake sex toy and bondage toy reviews. We certainly are not one of them. You can review a product at any time, however it's advisable to review a product you love soon after purchase it. Without reviews, products don't often sell well, and if they don't sell, we don't keep them stocked. So without your reviews, great products can be dismissed by our cataloge and a great brand can fold, which is a real shame.

If you would like to provide a review for an item that you purchased from "our" previous website prior to January 2016, and the item is still available on our new website, please email your review to, which is Poney's direct email. Include your review title and how many stars you rate it. We can upload it, so long as you have an account on our current site.

Reviews are sent in to us as pending as we need to approve them. We do not dismiss bad reviews, but would prefer you write to us first, as it's important to us, that we only sell products that are top quality. If you know of a better product off a different brand, you can send Poney a link and she will research that product and it may end up in our catalogue. Black Rabbit is aiming to be the World's best bondage store. Customers opinions help shape that and we take our customers opinions very seriously.

Customers wanting to know more, should direct their emails to, which is Poney's direct email.

Our Black Rabbit Customer Service Testimonials system is playing up at the moment. If you are wanting to leave a testimonial about our customer service, not a product, please email your details and review and we'll load it in the back end. We are working towards fixing our testimonials page.