Product Reviews

Product reviews are listed below each product. All our reviews are 100% genuine. As customer reviews help other customers make descisions on whether to buy a particular product, we appreciate the efforts of those who leave reviews.

In fairness, we have included loyalty points for product reviews. Customers obtain 30 rewards points for all product reviews for items with a value of more than $10.00.

Customers need to have purchased an item from our store, and be registered customers, in order to leave a review. Customers wanting to talk to us about the review process, should direct their emails to, which is Poney's direct email.

Customers should try to review products shortly after purchase to obtain their 30 points, as we can not guarantee the said item will be available forever.

If you would like to provide a review for an item you purchased from "our" previous website prior to 2016, and the item is still available on our new website, please direct your review to, which is Poney's direct email.