Payment by Interbank Transfer or Direct Payment:

Black Rabbit Premium Leather
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633-000
Account Number 151721214

Please ensure you forward your bank transfer within 7 days. If you can not forward your payment within 20 days, and have not contacted us, we will cancel your order without notice, so our stock is not incorrect.

Please note that paid orders are prioritised over non paid orders, unless an agreement is in place with Poney, either by email or phone 0450 515 956. We understand that some customers can only order things on certain days, or specific times due to a wide range of reasons. We just need  to adjust stock levels to accommodate for this.

Existing long term customers, already have our trust and therefore can place pre orders directly with Poney at any time.

Payment by Credit or Debit Card Online:

We use Paypal as our credit card provider. You can either use your PayPal account if you have one, or on the PayPal page there is another option to checkout with your credit/debit card without a PayPal account or having to sign up for one.

PayPal is our preferred provider because it is recognised worldwide as one of the safest online payment methods for you; the purchaser and us; the seller.

Our account within PayPal if you need to send us additional payments is Please use your purchase number as the reference. Purchases made via paypal show up as BLACK RABBIT on your paypal statement.

In-Store Payments

In-store payments can be made using cash and EFTPOS.  EFTPOS payments show up as BLACK RABBIT PREMIUM L CHAPEL HILL QL AUS on your credit card or debit statement.

Other Payment Methods

We also take bank cheques, personal cheques and money orders by mail. Goods are not sent until personal cheques are cleared by our bank. Payments over the phone are permitted. Lay-by agreements are permitted over a 6 week period with 3 payments maximum. It is preferred, that customers do their orders online if possible, and select bank transfer as your payment. Then you can ring and use your credit card or do a bank transfer for each lay-by payment installment. We have applied for AfterPay, however it is not available for adult shops, so we can not offer that to customers unfortunately.

Return Payments

Paypal refunds are at PayPals disgression and can take up to 30 days to process. We do not provide refunds by bank transfer, unless the payment was initially made to us by bank transfer. We do not refund paypal payments until the original payment has cleared.