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We’ll make you tingle: Since 2005, we produce high class devices for erotic electro-stimulation – and all kinds of toys to go along with.

With our background in medical technology and a distinctive sense for good design, we have the know-how – and the ambition – to uphold the highest quality standards. That’s why we give you a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty on each and every one of our toys and devices.

With Mystim toys, you have opted for a quality product “made in Germany”. You should read the enclosed instructions (included with all MYSTIM purchases) carefully prior to using MYSTIM toys for the first time so that you will be able to enjoy your toy for a long time.
Stimulation current and eroticism

Electrostimulation current warningStimulating current is becoming more and more popular, because this kind of stimulation is incredibly fascinating and produces intense sensations. Electric stimulation is harmless as long as you apply it with high-quality products and care.

You should always keep a few things in mind when handling stimulating current:

  • Persons with electronic  or metal implants (e.g., pacemakers) may not use stimulating current without consulting their physician first. The same applies for persons with heart defects or arrhythmia.

  • Never let stimulating current flow through your heart or brain. Never stimulate the larynx or throat region. Muscle spasms in this region may cause suffocation.

  • Stimulating current devices may not be used around explosive or inflammable materials.

  • Stimulating current may not be applied during pregnancy.

  • Stimulating current may only be applied on healthy skin.

  • Keep away from children.

  • Only use original Mystim accessories.

  • Never unscrew any Mystim toy as it will cause damage to the inner life of the toy and void all warranty claims.

With the exception of the lust egg and the urethral sound, aluminium Mystim toys can be used for vaginal and anal play.

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