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KinkLab is manufactured by The Stockroom. The KinkLab team understands what kink is really about. We know it can be beautiful, erotic, creative, safe, fulfilling and fun. We enjoy designing, testing, packaging, and marketing products for our sexually-adventurous clientele. We believe in aesthetic design, fine materials, sound construction, and appealing packaging. Our mission is to deliver superior-quality products at affordable prices.

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  • KinkLab 5 Gates of Hell

    SKU: SJ0053
  • KinkLab Black Bondage Tape

    SKU: SJ0040

    Out of stock

  • KinkLab Bondage Basics Leather Cuffs

    SKU: SJ0005

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Now $40.00

  • KinkLab ElectroErotic Power Tripper

    SKU: SJ0057
  • KinkLab Leather Butt Plug Harness With Cock Ring

    SKU: SJ0056
  • KinkLab Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher

    SKU: SJ0047
  • KinkLab Leather Vampire Gloves

    SKU: SJ0050
  • KinkLab Mandible Body Clamps

    SKU: SJ0006

    Regular Price: $24.00

    Now $19.00

  • KinkLab NeonWand Accessory Kit

    SKU: MBE041
  • KinkLab NeonWand Violet Wand

    1 Review(s)
    SKU: SJ0000
  • KinkLab Neoprene Cuffs

    SKU: SJ0042

    Out of stock

  • KinkLab Rubber Ponyplay Bit Gag

    SKU: SJ0035

Items 1 to 12 of 14 total

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