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Black Rabbit Premium Leather Warehouse - Re-opening Soon.


Note we recently moved to our new home at Sumner Park. We are currently closed for renovation. We will not be opening the store until everything is put away and construction work is completed. No exceptions as it will just slow us down.

Black Rabbit Premium Leather is a pansexual Australian BDSM warehouse & workshop dungeon, set-up just like a massive retail shop, and based in Brisbane. We specialise in quality leather bondage and BDSM toys plus we have an excellent range of quality sex toys and fetish clothing at great prices.

Black Rabbit is owned by Poney Quarterzarne, and run by Poney and Pup Skout. Both Poney and Pup have extensive knowledge of our local community and customer needs. Poney deals with most things and Pup Skout handles all our online postage, and order enquiries and helps out in store with customers.

Over peak times, we also have casuals from within our own community help us out. It's a big family who are very community focussed.

If you are shy, keep in mind we are super friendly, and will go out of our way to help you with anything at all. Both Poney and Pup have been involved in the pan and gay scene locally for years, and will share their endless knowledge on many things with anyone who asks.  We are both super friendly and helpful.

All customers are welcome to come and browse, but please don't hesitate to ask for help, as there are things in the store that once explained, you may appreciate them much more. Personal service is what we pride ourselves on and we are there to help explain and educate.

We also offer workshops and advice on many topics from pegging to cock pumping and modelling nights just for fun. So don't be shy, and drop in anytime and let us know what you are chasing that we may not have online.



email: for online order questions and postage cost enquiries or call or message Skout on his work mobile 0452 218 438.

email: which is Poney for everything else, or call Poney during work hours on 0450 515 956.



Black Rabbit runs 7 days a week, but the store is open to the general public Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 1pm to 8pm. We are often there outside of these hours to manage the daily functioning of our store and for private appointmens. You can always call us outside of hours if need be. We try to work in with customers whenever possible. If the door is locked, just call Poney or Pup. If they are in a position to open the shop for you they will.

Note that because it is a warehouse, we often sell stock in store prior to it being available online, yet it wont be processed, and loyalty points can't be processed until the product gets loaded onto the website. Due to NBN difficulties in the street, Poney has a massive backlog that she's been working through so please be patient.

Also know that this issue is ongoing until around March so we have been told. Whilst we allow customers to buy directly off the trucks. There are not many stores that will allow this practice, but we understand that some customers see things they really want. In turn, you need to understand that without sufficient internet resources, the entire process is just slow.

The warehouse is located in an industrial area due to the nature of what we sell and for customer privacy. So we are not visable from the main road, but easy to find. We have 3 parks undercover at our door plus additional if you ring ahead. One of the 3 spots is for regulars and is a booked carspot. So if it's raining, by all means ring ahead and book the spot, so that regardless if it's hailing your car is safe and you stay high and dry.

Before you open our door, note that if you look close to 18 years of age, we must legally ask you for ID. So please bring a photo form of ID with you if you look young. We get to know all our customers after a time, so it's not something you'll have to do all the time. Please note due to the environment within the store, all customers need to be completely aware that our store is as graphic as our website and not to be offended by anything you sell or by anything we sell.

By entering our store, you acknowledge you are in full support of shopping in such an environment.


PO Box Address

PO Box 1003
Oxley QLD 4075