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Black Rabbit Premium Leather Warehouse Store - Open to the Public

Unit 7/500 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road
Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane.

Phone: 0450 515 956.

Number 500 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road is opposite JayCar. Black Rabbit Warehouse Store can't be seen from the road, which is great for protecting your privacy.  Black Rabbit is located within a circle of warehouses surrounding a large carpark in the centre. The driveway entry sits between Chain Gang Cycle Shop (black & orange signage) and the 17 Mile Rocks Church 'smiles'. Drive down into that driveway to the bottom right and you will find Black Rabbit on the right hand side. Just enter the door. Our roller door stays closed.


Regular Opening Hours

Monday: 11am to 7pm

Tuesday: 11am to 7pm

Wednesday:11am to 7pm

Thursday:11am to 8pm

Friday:11am to 7pm

Saturday:11am to 4pm

Sunday: Closed

Black Rabbit Premium Leather is a pansexual Australian BDSM Shop based in Brisbane, specialising in quality leather BDSM toys, bondage gear, and a nice range of fetish clothing. We also have a large range of quality sex toys, with a leaning towards top quality anal toys, massive dildos, colon snakes and bizarre dildos and buttplugs.

Black Rabbit is not an affiliate dropship store. We hold our stock in one location in Brisbane. Black Rabbit Premium Leather is owned by Poney Quarterzarne (aka Satet), and run by Poney and Alex, and sometimes friends who come in to help out. We invite you to come and view our incredible range of BDSM gear from all over the world. If friends want to come in and hang out for the day... you can always give us a hand.

Before you open our door, note that if you look close to 18 years of age, we must legally ask you for ID. So please bring a photo form of ID with you.

All customers are welcomed. We accept cash and EFTPOS (VISA, Mastercard, American Express and debit cards) in store, as well as money orders and phone orders for those who do not like ordering BDSM gear online. See payments in the links at the bottom of the page for full explanation of payment options.

Poney has been within the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast public scene since 2000 and a professional Dominatrix since 2007. Poney loves to educate customers on many topics and workshops, and is familiar with a great deal of kinks.

If you are new to BDSM, please don't be nervous about coming in for the first time as we pride ourselves on experience, and excellent customer service. Please feel comfortable in asking us any questions you have about toys. We are always here to help you and enjoy explaining what some of our toys are used for, and on how to use them.

Poney's dog Woolla is our store mascot. She's been with Poney since a puppy, so whenever Poney is in store, so too will Woolla. Please do not be afraid of Woolla, she just gets excited when customers first arrive. If you are scared of dogs, just let Poney know and she'll pop a leash on her. Woolla has a beautiful nature, and she thinks everyone comes to the store to see her. After all she's a pup!


Public Holiday Trading Hours

Queens Birthday Monday 2nd October: Closed

Christmas Day Monday 25th December: Closed

Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December: Closed


Live Chat

Our online chat system is available for product questions and stock availability. Our chat system is operated by Poney, so you are guaranteed a very personal service where your questions will be answered straight away.

Address Details

PO Box Address

PO Box 1003
Oxley QLD 4075


Black Rabbit Premium Leather
ABN 34 987 446 554

Bondage & BDSM Wholesalers

New Wholesalers, Manufacturers & Distributors

Companies wishing to trade with us can email Please ensure you send your catalogue showing clear photos, along with prices and most importantly dimensions. We also need to know where you are based, and in which country your product was manufactured. Please note that we do not offer dropship services. We buy direct, and maintain our own stock, and we courier all products directly to our customers. This means we see what we are selling and we are not interested in buying cheap copies. Please also send a website link if you have one. Companies selling copies of original toys will be deleted.