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Saline Infusions

Saline Infusions

February 23, 2016


The image above is of a double infusion done in 2015. Yes it’s possible if you can handle the burning sensation, which 99% of guys can.

I first published this article on my Mistress Satet site in 2014, but found it timely to update it on two sites. So you will only find my writings now on Black Rabbit’s site, and I shall keep them updated, to answer questions.

Scrotal Saline Infusions: Procedure, Materials Needed & Why Men Do It!

Poney offers in-store private training for scrotal saline infusions. You can hire a dungeon through Poney for a fee. If you are wanting to get a saline infusion, that’s simple. If you are wanting to learn how to do one, you’ll need to find yourself a bunny to do it on. Poney doesn’t look for people for you as she has so much on.

Saline infusions can be done on most parts of the body, normally scrotal, labia, hood, tits and cock. I’ve had saline in my labia back in 2002; it did very little for me, accept for the fact it was an odd thing to do at the time, and I enjoyed doing unusual practices. I’ve also known other women that have had labia infusions and they agreed… it wasn’t worth the “sting”. In saying that, there are also some women whose labia plumped up quite a lot and it looked excellent.


Saline Infusion 2010I’ve done over 30 scrotal saline fusions, and every one is special. I do love the look of inflated balls, similar to a bull’s balls. Saline and pumping together looks even better.

I am often asked how it feels. It is a process that takes normally 30 minutes to 1 hour, which depends upon the flow rate of the drip. The flow into the balls is similar to a burning sensation, many say it’s not so bad, and enjoy the end result, which usually lasts 24 hours.

I’ve known people who’ve done 3-4 litres. Although none of them started off that way. With normal 30 minute to 1 hour saline infusions, the balls generally take 250mls each, totalling 500mls. Some guys can do 1.5 litres on their first try (especially if they have low hanging nuts with lots of room to fill up with saline).

Basically, I only use 1 litre bags and you just take what you can. The price is the same whether you can handle 250mls or 1 litre.

Those wanting to do more than 1 litre may need more than 1 hour though. The time depends upon how well you handle a fast drip rate. If I have to slow down the drip rate because it’s too painful for you, obviously the procedure will take longer. There will also be a cost for another bag and transfusion set. The price of saline bags can be found in our store “Sodium Chloride for Saline Infusion IV Bag 1000ml” and you will also need another “saline transfusion set” as we do one bag per side. We don’t double handle the saline transfusion set, by reintroducing the old spike into a new bag. There is no charge for the extra needle and gloves.

We do know of some guys who bag up their saline transfusion set and reuse them. We don’t agree with this practice and stress the importance of always using sterile items.

Due to being hooked up to a drip feed, you are somewhat limited to do other play, whilst waiting for your infusion to finish. We are happy to do play where you have to lay still (e.g. needles) but that’s all and you would need to stay still. Basically, you do not want to cause the saline needle to move once inserted, or it will badly bruise the surrounding tissues, which will affect the look of the photos you take the following day. To pass the time, you are welcome to bring along your ipad and phone and take photos of before, during and after the procedure. We can assist you with this if needed.

What I usually do is feed the drip slowly and build up speed so it is tolerable, and then leave it at that pace for the remainder of the drip feed.

I do not recommend regular saline infusions for anybody. I recommend 3 month breaks in-between (minimum) to ensure against salt deposits building up in the ball sacks.

Saline Drip Feed

All items used for saline infusions are sterile items and well within the use-by date.

I’ve read elsewhere that men with smaller tighter scrotums won’t be very good subjects for infusion, however I’ve not had a problem with smaller scrotums and find they take saline quite well and plump up surprisingly large.

Why Do Men Do Scrotal Infusions

I find that nearly all men who do this procedure can’t resist standing up immediately after and thrusting their new enormous balls back and forth. I’ve also not come across a man who didn’t love the feeling from this.

Many have told me that sex the next day is incredible.

Some go home with their new found ball weights to drink a nice red and just enjoy them.

Some have said their balls float in the bath, but I’m yet to see this with my own eyes. I’d love to hear about this from others.

Some men are focussed on macrogenitalism (the condition of having abnormally large sex organs).

Are There Any Difficulties Doing This Procedure

On one occasion, I noted that the saline wouldn’t inject as if the tissues were almost blocked. This particular man had previously done 1.5 litres only the week before. I’ve also been contacted by others overseas who have had this issue, but it was their first time, so the cause at this point is unknown.

So I’m putting this here and if you have ever experienced this, please let me know.

Doing This Procedure at Home – What You Need

Just make sure that you have thoroughly washed your hands (surgical scrub is best) and you disinfect the skin prior to inserting the needle. The more you wash and scrub, the less likely it is that you’ll get an internal infection. The infection if any, will be introduced via the needle. So disinfect properly. Never re-use your admin set. If doing this procedure yourself, you can use hand sanitiser to help clean your gloves (new gloves – never used), but ensure the outside of the hand sanitiser bottle is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol wipes first or you’ll just reinfect. Just note that examination gloves in boxes are not a sterile item. You need to put on the gloves after washing your hands, and then rub sanitiser all over the gloves to minimise germs.

Be mindful that the majority of items required for a saline infusion, are sterile and have expiry dates. Therefore, don’t buy items now that you intend to use in a years time.

Those who choose to do this procedure on their own, can purchase items for saline infusions from Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

1. Sodium Chloride for Saline Infusion IV Bag 1000ML

2. Saline Transfusion Set

3. 1 x (sheet of 5) TERUMO Hypodermic Needles 19G X 1.5 INCH (CREAM) Some guys prefer 22g needles instead of 19g. 22g is smaller than 19g. 22g will hurt less going in and will leave a smaller hole that will leak less at the end. The only con to using a 22g is the procedure will take longer, as the flow rate into the needle is much smaller. Some people find the burning sensation more tolerable if the procedure is quicker. The burning sensation of the fluid going in is the same regardless of the size of the needle.

At the end of the procedure, when the needle is removed; the bigger the needle (e.g., 18g), the more the hole will leak. It’s for this reason, we recommend buying underpads, so blood soaked saline fluid doesn’t end up leaking onto furniture. Saline fluid has the same consistency as piss, so make sure you have something underneath you before you remove the needle. I use an alcohol swab to dab over the hole, then quickly remove it and replace it with a heavy duty cloth bandaid. The ones that really stick! Normal bandaids wont stick due to the watery fluid your trying to contain. If your recipient is hairy, it’s even more difficult. Shaving the area is most helpful to get a good stick.

Another note: don’t shave the area just before the procedure as it puts your skin at risk of infection. Shave a couple of days before so your skin has totally healed.

4. Disinfection – Large Alcohol Wipes

5. Clean Field – Single Underpad 5ply 56CM X 40CM or Pack 25 Underpads 5ply 56CM x 40CM.

6. Sharps Container – Mini (takes 5 needles), 1.4L Sharps Bin or 3L Sharps Bin (depending upon your sharps usage).

7. Gloves – Microflex Black Dragon Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves you will need hand sanitiser to go with the gloves.

Saline Scrotal Infusion

Needle Insertion Point

Vas Deferens Vasectomy ReversalVas deferens: The vas deferens is a long, muscular tube that travels from the epididymis into the pelvic cavity, to just behind the bladder. The vas deferens transports mature sperm to the urethra, the tube that carries urine or sperm to outside of the body, in preparation for ejaculation.

The needle should be inserted about 1cm (length) of the needle to slide under the skin at a maximum depth of about 2mm. Basically, you go in almost horizontally for 2cm) and yes the bulk of the needle may be sticking out, but you just tape it down to prevent it from moving. What you don’t want, is a needle sticking up, you want it laying flat. I generally do 250mls in the left side and then put a new needle in the right side and do another 250mls to finish. That way its really nice and even. However, to stop doubling the trauma to the tissues or the pain from the needle insertion, or to save money from needing to buy another transfusion set, you can do the whole procedure on one side.

As your balls fill up with saline, a curve will develop as they become quite circular. So long as the needle is flat and near the top, the needle wont be forced hard against the tape as the curve develops.

Stay well away from both the Vas Deferens tubes and the Epididymis as piercing it can cause sterility. This is the same warning as for testicle Needles.

Acute Scrotal Cellulitis

Most saline infusions take 24 hours for the saline to fully dissipate. Some guys have reported it stayed for a whole weekend. Once the actual procedure is finished, there should be no pain. The red flag is whether or not you’re experiencing pain and additional swelling after the procedure. You shouldn’t feel any pain after the needle is removed.

Scrotal cellulitis as a complication of infusion of saline. Anybody suffering painful scrotal swelling should see a doctor as it can be a sign of infection.

In a Case report “Unusual cause of acute scrotal cellulitis in an HIV positive man” by K G Yoganathan, A L Blackwell it was suggested using alcohol swabs to clean the scrotum and to use Venflon (plastic needle in situ for infusion) rather than a metal needle that could damage surrounding soft tissue. I think your standard hypodermic needles are fine. It’s more important to ensure you tape them down securely once inserted, so they don’t move at all. As mentioned previously, if the needle moves around, it will leave a nasty bruise the next day, which can ruin the look you’re after. Not taping the needle down securely also puts you at risk of acute scrotal cellulitis due to soft tissue damage.

I’m also aware of another case that was done at home, where the scrotal sack formed an infection, requiring medical help. If you stick to my recommendations, you should be fine. If you don’t disinfect properly, or you don’t lay out a proper clean field, wash hands, use gloves, hand sanitiser, alcohol swabs plus a bandaid to cover and all that I’ve mentioned above; you increase the risk of infection with each step you leave out.

Handy Hints About Saline Infusions

Just something to consider. If you are driving to a friends place or your dominants place to do this procedure. Don’t expect to wear denim jeans, boardies or shorts in the car ride home, as your balls will make it hard for you to get into them and drive responsibly. You’ll need to separate your legs a bit to make room for your balls when you sit in the drivers seat. You really need to take some comfy track pants or a kilt.

When inserting the needle, don’t fuck around. Never insert a needle, and think “oh that’s the wrong angle” withdraw it and try inserting it a second time, as you’re reintroducing bacteria into the sack. Once a needle has gone into the skin and been removed, you’ll need to dispose of it in your sharps container, and start again with a new needle. Which means clamping off the flow of saline in your infusion set, replacing the needle, removing air bubbles and then inserting the new sterile needle into the site (I suggest the other side or 1cm away from the original site). I’d also add some more hand sanitiser over your gloves whilst doing this.

Do not take needles out of their sterile packets until you are about to use them. The packaging is the only thing that keeps them sterile. If you think you’re being organised by removing them hours prior to the procedure, you’re adding risk of infection to the injection site.

Also, you can get some sterile lube and dip the tip of the needle into the sterile lube to make the insertion flow quicker through the skin, which is less painful.

Sourced by my own experiences over the years and some references below.

Summers AJ. A complication of an unusual sexual practice. South Med J2003;96:716–17.
Bush G, Nixon RK. Scrotal inflation. A new cause for subcutaneous, mediastinal and retroperitoneal emphysema. Henry Ford Hosp Med J1969;17:225–6.
Love B. The encyclopaedia of unusual sex practices. Fort Lee, NJ: Barricade Books, 1995.

If I have previously done this procedure for you, and taken photos with your camera, I’d love it if you could email me a photo. I’ve done many interesting infusions around some wicked genital piercings, but didn’t have my own camera handy at the time. I would also love for you to leave a comment below, as to how this procedure felt for you during and after.

Labia Infusions

Labia infusions are really no different to the above, although the saline dissipates quite quickly. You can either do drip feed as with the above procedure, or inject it with small controllable syringes with smaller needles, using either Sodium Chloride Bottles or syringe it from a IV bag.

The end result; if your submissive can handle the pain, is puffed or plumped up labia. However, as mentioned above, it doesn’t really last long. My preferred style is drip feed. Drip feed is a lot easier and you get better results and theres only one needle required (two at most – one either side). Whereas with injections, you may have to do several. You require a steady hand. I’ve had to do as many as 15 to get the desired effect I was wanting and it can put your sub through quite a lot of pain… which is fine if they love pain.

You may link to this article but may not reproduce it in any way. Written by Mistress Satet. Copyright Never reproduce my private scene photos on other internet sites.

All questions and comments welcomed. I get asked so many questions, I’m going to start answering them all in the Q&A tab under each product. That way others can understand what I may type out in lots of emails to different customers.


  1. Thinking of doing this.
    Thanks for the 411 and 911 about it.
    Learned alot!

  2. very informative. I’ve been doing this for several years. doing it to yourself (or others ) is half the fun. anyone in the reno area interested may reach me via email.

    • Hi Bart, your email isn’t displayed for privacy reasons, but I’m happy to include it if you wish. Cheers Poney (aka Satet).

  3. Hi
    Can dextose be used instead of saline

    • Hi Guys

      Dextrose is NOT a kink and I am no kill joy but please listen up.

      I have been asked about the use of dextrose for scrotal infusions.

      Within my circle of friends and extending to their networks within the medical profession, of which some work within Intensive Care Units (ICU), I can not stress enough the importance of staying away from Dextrose for many many reasons.

      We have passed on information to a doctor who is currently writing an article on it for you, which I’ll link to when it’s published. If you work in ICU, feel free to add your thoughts here.

      So to all the guys who’ve asked me my thoughts. Stay away.

      Dextrose is NOT like saline. In fact it’s the opposite. Dextrose draws cellular fluids already within your cells to a given area.

      That 2 litre of fluid you think you are obtaining out of thin air? That belonged to your existing cells that those cells required all that cellular fluid, to maintain cellular function. Using Dextrose has just drained 2 litres of cellular fluid from one area, into another, leaving existing cells without fluid to survive. Therefore necrosis is a very real risk. Not just a maybe.

      Those using it and promoting it, can’t possible have a sound education in IV fluids hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic. Ask ICU nursing staff, I’m sure they will explain to you why you shouldn’t put Dextrose in your scrotum.

      “The massive pull that is exerted by the hypertonicty of such a concentrated substance directly in contact with cells dehydrates the cells resulting in cell death and subsequent necrosis.”

      For a healthy guy, this practice of using dextrose can lead to necrosis. If dehydrated or for a diabetic using Dextrose (and many other illnesses), it can lead to death. Sugar also heightens infection risks. So this impacts perfectly healthy men and women and can kill your playmates, and/or leave them with a horrific outcome, that I would deem unforgivable.

      Guys posting pics, who have been pumping and doing saline for years; please remember that you are impressionable to those new to saline and pumping. New people lack the life experience and medical contacts in the scene to pull together medical knowledge sourcing factual information.

      Some of these younger guys are getting needle stick infections from doing a basic saline infusion, let alone dabbling in Dextrose. Stating on forums do this at your own risk is neglect to mention the full extent of risks.

      If you are in these forums, whatever they may be please encourage all members to google and look up Dextrose, Necrosis, hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic.

      Dextrose is only to be used by qualified Intensive Care Unit medics. Nobody should be using it outside of that environment. I’m so disappointed that this is becoming “a thing”. My store will have nothing to do with this fluid. Please don’t ask me about it, I’m too mad that people are skipping research and taking such high risks with their well-being and the well being of others who look up to them due to scene experience.


  4. Hi, curious… do you know if Lactated Ringers can be used in place of saline for infusion?

    • Burn management fluids are another specialist field in ICU. ICU nursing staff in burn patients wards have not only extensive experience in complications from the use of this fluid, but the appropriate set up to manage such complications, along with full patient medical history that would be considered prior to the use of such a fluid. I honestly hope people are not using these fluids at home for play.
      Again, like Dextrose, you are wanting to use specialist IV fluids that should not be used outside of ICU by highly trained specialist medical professionals, and the use of such fluids by those who are not within ICU, would be held accountable for the well-being of those receiving it. I’m going to have to speak to ICU staff in a burns unit with extensive experience with multiple complications in a huge variety of situations with patients varying in many levels of health to outline the serious risks of all these fluids. The side effects alone, which can easily be found online, are a serious red flag. My answer is no and my question is why would you want to take such risks? Are you a highly trained medical professional specialising in the use of this particular fluid? Cheers Satet.

  5. I’ve done quite a few saline infusion to myself and was looking for a more permanent solution wondering if you knew anything about silicon as a filler? Or maybe pmma. I can’t seem to find the Silicon anywhere and the pmma is quite expensive. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated thank you

  6. Is it the size of your balls or both the weight and size you’re looking for for permanent positive results? If it’s the size, I’d be using an LA Pump Two Stage cylinder. That’s more of a permanent gain without all the risks. As for the use of silicone injections, I’m investigating that practice and will post my thoughts on it shortly. Cheers Satet.

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