Our wonderful stainless steel poppers inhalers are only available in our physical dungeon store, not online. You can have them mailed out, but you can not pay us for these items through paypal. You can pay over the phone, send us a cheque or money order, or do a bank transfer.

If poppers have ever caused you skin burns to the nose, then you’ll appreciate our new range of inhalers.  If you don’t know what poppers are, the following may help. Amyl and butyl nitrite can be considered a receational drug, inhaled through the nose. We don’t sell poppers, just the inhalers.  It’s wise to know the risks of using inhalers and masks (particularly gas masks and rebreathers), as they carry the potential for misadventures.

Poppers cause blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood to reach the heart. They also cause blood to rush to the brain, speed up heartbeat and relax muscles, providing an intense high lasting a few minutes at most. The drug is widely used to intensify pleasure whilst dancing and having sex. Sniffing poppers relaxes the anal sphincter muscles, allowing anal sex to take place more easily. As poppers dilate blood vessels, many men find that they lose their erection when sniffing them.

After-effects of sniffing poppers may include headache, skin rashes, weakness, sinus pains and burns if the liquid comes into contact with the skin. Sniffing poppers can also cause nausea and vomiting. People with heart or lung problems are advised to avoid poppers, as they can cause breathing problems. In very rare cases, excessive sniffing of poppers can cause the lips and skin to take on a blue tinge. This can be accompanied by vomiting and shock, and unconsciousness may follow. In extreme cases, deaths have been reported.

Sniffing poppers after taking the anti-impotence drugs Viagra and Cialis can result in a potentially dangerous, even fatal, drop in blood pressure. The dangers from sniffing poppers after taking Viagra or Cialis are increased if you are also taking a protease inhibitor as part of your HIV treatment. Protease inhibitors cause the amount of Viagra or Cialis in the blood to increase, and for this reason it is recommended that people prescribed protease inhibitors take only half the normal dose of Viagra or Cialis and do not use poppers at the same time Source.