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Mr B Clean

What Sex Toy Cleaner Should I Use

Feb 20, 2016No Comments754 Views

We sell a range of sex toy cleaners. We’ve culled most of the cheap ones that I don’t believe live up to the expectations kinksters

Lucrezia de Sade Fur Paddle

Caring for Lambs Wool on Impact Toys

Feb 20, 2016No Comments735 Views

We sell a number of paddles and straps under the Lucrezia de Sade brand that have genuine lambs wool on one side. We often get

Urethral Sounds Damaged by Bleach

Don’t Bleach Your Metal Sex Toys

Feb 16, 2016No Comments1191 Views

You may link to this article but may not reproduce it in any way. Written by Mistress Satet. Copyright Black Rabbit Premium Leather 2016. Never

Phthalates in dildos

Phthalates in Dildos

Jul 26, 2011No Comments954 Views

Don’t Buy Dildos Containing Phthalates Research conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that phthalate exposure health risks include reproductive problems, abdominal obesity,