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Brisbane Pride Flogger Raffle

Brisbane Leather Pride Flogger Raffle Drawn...

May 16, 20161 Comment1267 Views

Black Rabbit Premium Leather couldn’t make this years Brisbane Leather Pride Alt Market, but we wanted to do something extra special to help raise funds

Group Therapy for Kinksters

Self-Acceptance Group Therapy for Kinksters

May 10, 2016No Comments1155 Views

Accrete Counselling Services in Brisbane is offering the only Self-Acceptance Group Therapy for Kinksters in Australia. Self-acceptance can affect everyone at some stage in life.

Curves and Claws Show

Curves & Claws

May 06, 2016No Comments1420 Views

Brisbane’s beloved burlesque and variety show at The New Globe Theatre, showcasing the unstoppable, the unbelievable, and the untameable from a wide range of local

hellfire club

Hellfire Club Brisbane

Feb 18, 20161 Comment3442 Views

Hellfire Club Brisbane Runs Every Month My suggestion to  those who are wanting to mingle with other kinksters is to go along to the Hellfire

Fetish Empire

Urban Fetish Milton Monthly Brisbane Fetish...

Feb 18, 20164 Comments5628 Views

In a dedicated venue on the Brisbane CBD fringe, Urban Fetish offers a unique and stylish space with genuine vibe and visual appeal. Soaking in

Peer Rope Brisbane

Peer Rope Brisbane

Feb 18, 20162 Comments3596 Views

Peer Rope Brisbane Bondage Classes Monthly Event Alex and I have known Red Bear who runs Peer Rope Brisbane (facebook link) for some time now,

Boot Co

Feb 18, 2016No Comments1199 Views

About The Boot Co Brisbane A non-profit organisation, we donate generously to the gay community, particularly organisations assisting men living with HIV/AIDS. We are responsible

BDSM in Sydney

BDSM in Sydney

May 12, 20141 Comment2412 Views

Around Town BDSM is safer (and more everyday) than Fifty Shades would have you believe We’re standing inside a rundown warehouse in Enmore late on