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For those with a flair for indulging their kinkier side in the bedroom, few materials set the stage for a sexy evening more than real leather. From the wide range of textures it can exhibit, from supple to stiff, all the way to the sensual more.

Curious about Electro Sex Gear Such as Violet Wands or the Kinklab Neon Wand?

“Electricity” and “genitalia” are two words most people would never think to combine. However, if you’re open-minded and looking to amp up your sex life, you can use electricity in safe ways to enjoy the intense (but harmless) sensations it more.

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Today, electricity powers almost everything around us; in fact, sometimes it's easy actually to forget its ubiquity. Even our own bodies use electrical signals to communicate between nerves. Think about that — electricity can stimulate your more.

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For the kinky, the chance to experiment and explore their bodies in new and exciting ways is always welcome. Have you dabbled in using electric shocks as a part of your sex life in the past? If you have, perhaps you're curious about trying more.

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Let's be honest — shopping for sex toys isn't always easy. There are an innumerable number of options out there, and it's not always easy to decide what you'll enjoy the most. However, that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to more.

Why People Use Penis, Pussy, and Nipple Pumps and Where to Buy an LA Pump

Penis pumping, pussy pumping, and nipple pumping are popular bedroom activities for several reasons. Some people enjoy the appearance of engorged genitals or nipples and find it to be quite a turn-on. Others enjoy the enhanced sensation more.

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When it comes to sex toys and bondage gear, the fact is that there's a lot of poor quality merchandise on the market. Many people want to experience what these products have to offer. The demand drives some manufacturers to cut corners and more.

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Shopping for sex toys is something that should be fun — not frustrating. Sometimes, though, when you start looking for a new dildo to add to your collection, you can discover it's not always easy to find a safe and sexy-feeling more.

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Pleasure is a funny thing—it should be taken care of in very specific ways. Everybody’s tastes are unique, which means that even slight differences in what you use can have noticeable effects. If you want to play right, you need good toys more.

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Nice-feeling leather is essential when it comes to a jacket, a chair or a handbag. It’s even more important when it comes to bondage equipment. The leather you play with should be good quality stuff. You're going to spend a lot of time more.

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Anyone who told you that diamonds are a girl's best friend just hasn’t taken the time to get better acquainted with their vibrator. Diamonds might look nice on your finger, but with the right magic wand, you’ll never need to use your fingers more.

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Sometimes, your hands, or someone else's, just aren't enough to satisfy you. When you want to get down and dirty with the most basic of your instincts and push yourself to the edge, nothing — and we mean nothing! — will get the job done the more.

Good Reasons to CBT Toys, Including Ball Stretchers, Weights, and the Humbler

If you’ve never tried CBT (cock and ball torture) but you’re curious about it, you may be wondering just what it is that so many men love about it. For those on the fence who aren’t sure whether to try it or not, here are a few very good more.

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When you’re picking out personal accessories, you want to be very specific, and a cock ring is about as personal as it gets. No two cocks are alike, so it stands to reason that you won’t be able to find a one size fits all option that feels more.

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If you’ve never tried a cock ring before, you’re missing out. No matter who you are and what you’re into, a cock ring is a great addition to any collection of sex toys—get one for yourself or a male partner and experience a different kind of high more.

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Guys, we’re going to be honest with you: when you want to get brave in the bedroom, there’s nothing more hard-core than trying out urethral sounds. If you’ve already given this a shot, then you know what we’re talking about. It’s like more.

Acquire a BDSM Catheter Discretely

Did you know that catheters aren’t just for medical use? In fact, a lot of people would argue that the best reasons to use a catheter have nothing at all to do with staying healthy—unless, of course, you consider it healthy to explore all of your more.

Male Chastity Devices: What to Know and Where to Buy a HolyTrainer Chastity Device or Cage

When individuals or couples decide to buy male chastity devices, they are making a highly personal decision with numerous factors to consider. Things such as the material the device is made of, the size of the cage and ring, whether or not the more.

Find the Perfect Leather Strapless Strap on Harness for Your Next Brisbane Rendezvous

Ever heard the phrase "turnabout is fair play"? Sometimes it gets old being the one taking it — sometimes you want to give it back, too! When you want to bend your boyfriend over and fuck him in the arse, it's not difficult to find a comfortable more.

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You’ve moved beyond a finger or two, and now it’s time to explore some real anal play. Maybe you’re looking for something that will sit comfortably in your ass while you fuck your partner, or maybe you’re looking for something specific, like prostate more.

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So you want to get better acquainted with your prostate, hmm? There’s no shame in that whatsoever. The prostate is one of the most sensitive organs in the male body and can provide an extreme sexual high when properly stimulated. Still, lots of guys more.

How to Find the Right Ass Lock

Why settle for pleasure on one end of your body when you can get it in both at the same time? That’s the philosophy behind the ass lock, a variant on the standard butt plug that also includes a sling for your cock. Finding the perfect ass lock more.

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When you’re going for intense pleasure, you can’t be contented with boring, run of the mill sex toys. You and your asshole deserve better than that. That’s why you should be seeking out the best huge insertables that money can buy. You’ll want more.

Where to Go for a Pony Plug, Play Harness and a Bit Gag

Pony play, like any other fetish, needs to be performed correctly. The biggest sexual organ in the human body is the brain, after all, so it’s important to make sure every detail of your pony play is just right. That’s why it’s so important more.

Where to Buy a Horse Dildo

A human cock can be pretty punishing, but sometimes you need something even more intense. Something bigger. More powerful. More primal. Ever heard of the expression “hung like a horse”? Well, there’s a good reason people say that. Horse dicks are more.

Medical Sex Toys Available Online

Maybe you stopped playing doctor when you were a little kid—or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you found new ways to play doctor all the way into your adult life and discovered that the game is a lot more fun when you’ve developed the proper anatomy more.

Teach Your Sub a Lesson with Dental Gags & Other BDSM Tools

For some, the practice of BDSM is all about testing limits and pushing boundaries. That's what makes it fun, and it's also why we use safe words; of course, it's also why we seek out all kinds of toys and other items from the more.

Prepare for Anal Play the Easy Way with Enema Toys

There's no denying that we humans have spent millennia experimenting and enjoying the strange and exciting sensations that accompany anal stimulation. One needs only to look at old Greek pottery to see that's true! However, unlike our ancient more.

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For some, kink is something to be tried once or twice—like dipping your toes in ice-cold water. Then there are serious BDSM enthusiasts, who are like the fetish equivalent of a polar bear club. If you’re into BDSM, you tend to be really into more.

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One of the best things about the BDSM lifestyle is the sheer diversity of activities that fall under this umbrella. No two people approach bondage and domination the same way; whether you're a sub or a dom, though, you'll probably more.

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You don't need to be crazy to love restraints, but nothing says a twisted mind isn't a valuable asset when it comes to imagining all kinds of new and fun ways to indulge your kinks. Whether you're the one who loves the feeling of being helpless more.

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Out of all the many kinds of BDSM clothing and equipment, nothing quite says "This sub is mine" the same was as a collar. Not only does it provide an incredible tactile sensation for your sub as you collar them, but it also opens the door for more.

Keep Them Right Where You Want: Using a Bondage Spreader Bar

Are you the kind of dom who loves to restrain your sub and restrict their movement? Maybe you love finding new and enticing ways to restrain them, or perhaps you have a scenario in mind you want to try. Regardless of the source of your more.


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There's no doubt about just how much fun butt plugs can be; the variety alone is staggering. With so many different textures, shapes, sizes, and styles, which one is right for you? It boils down to what you want out of the experience; sometimes more.

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Looking to heat up your romance a little bit? Why not try wax play candles? Dripping hot wax on your skin can be an exciting way to introduce a bit of pain for pleasure into your sex life, and some people swear by the feeling it gives them. more.

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Your asshole can be extremely good to you, but you have to treat it right. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, after all, and you want to make sure you’re on the right side of it—if only just. That’s why you can treat your asshole more.

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It’s one thing to have a well-stocked drawer or closet full of sex toys that turn your crank, but it’s not always enough. You also have to be able to use them in comfort. What does that mean? It means that you need to make sure your body is more.

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Cock straps don’t just come in a single size, and they’re not all made for a single purpose. Okay, it’s true that they’re all sex toys, but if you want to have the best experience, then you need to find what works for you individually. Some more.