American Bombshell Collection

American Bombshell Collection Australia - Massive Dildo Range Brisbane

American Bombshell Collection by Doc Johnson are massive anal dildos in gunmetal grey tones including the American Bomshell B-10 Missile, Man-O-War, Big Boy, Tall Boy, Rockeye, B-7 Tango, B-10 Tango, Atom Bomb, Bunker Buster, B-7 Torpedo, B-10 Torpedo, B-7 Warhead and the B-10 Warhead.

The American Bombshell range, we no longer carry. It went up in price and as anal dildos, they are no where near as good as the Dark Crystal range we carry, that are from Belgium. We moved over to Dark Crystal for great reasons. I strongly suggest everyone checks out that new range. There are heaps of them.

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