The Black Rabbit Story

Our Humble Beginnings

Black Rabbit Premium Leather is proudly owned by Poney Quarterzarne (aka Mistress Satet Professional Dominatrix) and run by both Poney and friends on a casual basis. You can find Poney on under Satet, or better still, come into Black Rabbit at Unit 7/500 Seventeen Mile Rocks and meet us in person.

by Poney aka Mistress Satet

Before launching Black Rabbit Premium Leather's website in 2009, I was constantly looking for quality toys, fetish clothing, dungeon fixtures and equipment. Being a professional Dominatrix and maintaining a fully equipped dungeon, I could never have enough bits and pieces, considering I had many owned slaves to manage, along with clients. Mind you, the BDSM toys and bondage gear I was looking for, are certainly not the type of toys found in local adult shops. As I already had several existing supplier accounts from 2007, I thought I would extend upon those and include everything kinksters could possibly need. So in 2007, I began pulling together a huge list of possible suppliers (which is now around the 2000 mark), and I began work on the Black Rabbit website. Whilst it took me 2 years to build and load the website, I was happy with it.

I prided myself on honest customer reviews, providing customers with unique items, not mainstream mass marketed items and I gave my own personal blunt reviews.

The Difference

Same cost, better quality, all tested and reviewed by Satet. It’s not until you use a toy, that you find out what it can and can’t do.

Being a professional Dominatrix and owning several personal slaves, I’m in a terrific position to use the toys on different people, and draw conclusions based on comparisons with existing toys.

Not only do I use and review the toys personally, based upon extensive years of knowledge in this area. I encourage our customers who have purchased our toys to review them also. As an incentive for our customers to review products, we offer 30 loyalty points for each review, which result in discounts off future purchases.

In my line of work, I can quickly tell which toys fit most shapes and sizes, and which ones can withstand my daily grind, which is harsh.

So I started researching individuals and companies that manufactured lots of really interesting toys. I customised lots of products and pulled together an extraordinary bunch of kinksters and manufacturers from all over the world, that make the range Black Rabbit Premium Leather sells. Our gear is far from mainstream.

I understand our customers, and this is reflected in our product catalogue. I care about our customers, I care about our suppliers and manufacturers and I care about the future of my business.

My aim is to ensure that you get our best service, only the highest quality, the best prices and speedy delivery.

These factors, along with fantastic customer service and a powerful online presence is what brought us to your door and why you're reading this now.

There are 1000's of products released worldwide every year. Occasionally, an amazing product slips through my radar. If you feel such a product would compliment our catalogue, we encourage you to let me know by sending an email to

Always remember that I am more than happy to help you with all your kink needs.

I wish to thank our customers for their honest product reviews. We are also truly humbled by your store and customer service testimonials.

To all Black Rabbit customers... thank you so much for your business. If I haven't met you in-store yet, I hope to meet you in the near future.

Poney Quarterzarne